Swipe It Credit Card Reader For The iPhone Looks Like It Means Business

Do you think that the Square payment system looks (physically) dodgy? After all, it looks like a little bit of plastic attached to the iPhone, ready to gobble up your Platinum credit card, right? If you’re worried about embracing new-looking tech, and just want something that looks more traditional, the Swipe It Reader for the iPhone might go a little way to ease your worries, mainly because it’s a lot bigger and bulkier, and looks a lot more like the credit card terminals that we’re used to. It supports Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover, and all the data is encrypted before it’s passed from the reader to the customer Swipe It app running on the device. Apparently it only draws minimal power from the iPhone, which is good, and can also charge your iPhone while it’s connected, thanks to the included AC adapter. Is this a genuine contender for Square?

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