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Square Updates Its Credit Card Reader With Lightning Support
Apple’s decision to kill off the 3.5mm headphone jack on its iPhones no doubt upset many users. However it not only affected consumers, but it also affected businesses who sold accessories that used the 3.5mm headphone jack, such as Square whose iPhone credit card reader used to connect via the headphone jack.

Square Cash Debit Card Sign Up Invitations Going Out
Square chief Jack Dorsey teased the company’s debit card back in April. It revealed that the company had been working on the idea of bringing a physical payment card in the mix which would allow users to use Square’s service in a more conventional manner. The company has now confirmed that Square debit card sign up invitations are now being sent to customers.

Could Square Cash Be Getting A Physical Debit Card?
With more online retailers popping up, online payment platforms like Square Cash and PayPal make sense because it lets users make payments without having to dig out their credit/debit card. However given that we live in the physical world, from time to time offline purchases are equally necessary.

2016 Coachella Attendees Will Be Able Pay With Apple Pay
The thing with large outdoor music festivals is that they are prime for pickpockets, especially since it can be extremely crowded, not to mention with alcohol being involved, it makes people less aware of their surroundings and more careless, thus making the lives of pickpockets a lot easier. However if you are planning on attending Coachella this year, you can safely leave your wallet behind.


Square's Apple Pay Reader Now Being Sold In Apple Stores
Late last year Square launched a new mobile reader which allows small businesses to accept credit card payments and even support mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Android Pay. It enables them to accept chip cards and mobile payment services and provide their customers with a fast and simple payment experience without having to purchase expensive terminals.

This Homeless Man's Best Friend Is A Smartphone Card Reader
Society is definitely moving in the direction of being cashless, with the proliferation of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, credit cards and the ilk. A homeless man in Detroit is well aware of that fact, which is why he has changed his “strategy” to obtain cash from the sympathetic public by accepting donations the high tech way – through a smartphone card reader which is capable of processing debit and credit […]

Square's New Reader Lets Small Businesses Accept Apple Pay
It’s not always easy for small or temporary businesses like kiosks to accept chip cards and mobile payment services because they don’t necessarily have the required hardware available. It can cost quite a bit to procure terminals for processing card and app-based payments, and that’s what Square is making much easier today with its new reader. The company’s new reader lets small businesses accept chip cards and Apple Pay.

Hack Turns Square Reader Into A Credit Card Skimmer
 One of the advantages to the Square Reader is that it turns devices into mobile payment stations, where you can swipe a credit card on the device and have it charge you like you would have expected from a regular credit card machine. However it seems that despite its convenience, it has the potential to be a huge security flaw as well.According to recent research conducted by three grad students […]

Square Launches Payroll To Simplify Payroll Management For Small Businesses
Square today launched a new product called Payroll and as the name suggests it’s meant to simplify payroll management. The company says that existing solutions are geared more towards large businesses with salaried employees and not towards small businesses where people are generally paid by the hour. Thus Square Payroll is geared more towards small businesses that particularly employ people who are paid by the hour.

Apple Pay Gets A Mobile Reader, Launches In The UK
According to surveys conducted by research companies, one of the reasons some retailers are hesitant to adopt the Apple Pay standard is because they’d rather not have to deal with buying new equipment, especially if it unclear if it will be a worthwhile investment when you consider how new such payment methods are in the US.However things could soon change as Apple has announced a partnership with Square in which […]

Square To Replace iPad With Its Own Android Tablet
Square is a popular mobile payments service that lets businesses use devices like the iPad to process credit and debit card payments easily and securely. iPad-powered Square Registers are now common at places like coffee shops across the United States and if a new report is to be believed then Square apparently wants to take the iPad out of this equation. Square is reportedly working on its own Android tablet […]

Square Revels In $100M Sales In A Single Day
It seems as though Square merchants over in the U.S. are experiencing some pretty good times – as Square has reported that U.S. merchants actually chalk up sales of up to $100 million – and all of it within a single day, now how about that? In fact, the combination of small businesses that make use of Square’s popular iPhone- and iPad-connected credit card readers manage to sell over $100 […]

Square's Apple Pay Support Registers Arriving In 2015
There are several different payment methods available at the moment, such as Square which many thought would be competing against Apple Pay. However as you might recall, Square decided to embrace Apple Pay and announced that they were planning on building registers to support Apple’s mobile payments solution.Well according to Square’s founder Jack Dorsey, it has been announced that Square’s registers that will support Apple Pay are expected to roll […]

Square's Updated Reader Accepts Chip Cards
Square is a payments company which also makes mobile card readers which can be used to swipe cards and accept payments using smartphones and tablets. The existing credit card reader from Square isn’t capable of accepting chip cards, otherwise known as “Chip and Pin cards” across the pond. That changes today. The company is now accepting pre-orders for its updated reader which brings support for these more modern cards.