Xbox 360 Slim Video Surfaces And Project Natal Renamed As Kinect

Xbox 360 Slim Video Surfaces And Project Natal Renamed As Kinect

With E3 just around the corner, rumors of the Xbox 360 Slim and Project Natal are surfacing again, and this time, it’s due to an italian advert that has surfaced, showing what is supposedly the Xbox 360 Slim. If it’s accurate, the Xbox 360 Slim has a rather angular design, giving us the impression of the Xbox logo itself, and it’s obviously slimmer than the current hardware. According to the ad, the device has built-in Wi-Fi, 250GB hard drive and is compatible with “Kinect”. In case you’re wondering what it is, Kinect is most likely the official name of Microsoft’s motion sensing Project Natal, which does sound a lot easier to market than “Project Natal”. Regardless of what Microsoft decides to call it, the official announcement is likely just around the corner, and we’re really looking forward to checking it out. Stay tuned! Video after the jump.

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