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Nintendo Wii U
E3 2011 was very exciting, and there were a lot of very good demos and announcements. However, it is fair to say that for a lot of people, including myself, Nintendo was the most innovative hardware company this year. Its upcoming Nintendo Wii U and the new controller have made headlines, but after coming back from E3, I found that a number of people were confused about some details, so […]

Nintendo owns up, says Xbox 360 and PS3 footage used at E3 presentation
Everyone knows that Nintendo does not intend to compete with the PS3 and Xbox 360 on the graphical front right from the very beginning, which was why the Japanese gaming company decided to settle for an alternative yet creative method of in-game controls instead of pursuing graphical perfection. Well, it makes perfect sense if the next version of Nintendo’s home console would have better graphics, so some folks have speculated […]

Nintendo Wii-U: a Savior?
Nintendo Wii U: can its 2012 console and its awesome controller save Nintendo from rising Kinect and PS Move?

Wii U controller has a touchscreen, camera and more!
Is nothing a secret anymore? Unveiled at Nintendo’s E3 press conference, the Wii U‘s controller will sport a 6.2-inch touchscreen that will provide “tablet-like” experiences, include a built-in camera, traditional controls and more.It looks like the Nikkei hit it right on the mark didn’t it? According to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, the Wii U also includes two circle analog circle pads (like on the 3DS), a D-Pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, ZL/ZR, L/R […]


Shuttle embraces E3 with new gaming PCs
Shuttle has long been a name synonymous with computer cases which are small in size, but they deliver in terms of performance – achieving a careful balance between form and function artfully without missing a beat. This is a classic case of not judging a book by its cover, or rather, not judging a computer’s performance by its size. Gaming enthusiasts who want a small form factor computer without making […]

Nintendo Wii successor might just be known as Nintendo
While Apple’s WWDC 2011 keynote will most probably take up most of the attention of journalists everywhere, that does not mean the whole world would stop for Cupertino – no sir, other companies, too, have their own agenda that they would like to push their products out to the market. Nintendo is not going to let something called WWDC be a wet blanket, as they promised that their next generation […]

Project Orapa from Microsoft headed for E3 announcement?
The E3 Expo that will begin on June 7th might just see Microsoft make an announcement for Project Orapa. To clue in the clueless, Orapa is actually the working name for a combination of Xbox Live and Microsoft’s Mediaroom IPTV. It would open the door for Microsoft to turn the regular TV in your living room into a service which is capable of delivering content to Xbox customers first, followed […]

Hideo Kojima provides status updates on new Metal Gear Solid games
We know you want more Snake and upcoming Metal Gear Solid games, but it looks like there won’t be much talk about it at E3 this year. In the latest Kojima Productions podcast, Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise answered questions with a simple “yes” or “no” with regard to the series.This is what we know: 1) He will not be at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Kojima was there […]

New hardcore Kinect games will debut at E3
At last year’s E3, Microsoft was all about showing off Kinect‘s final branding and hyping up the $150 camera sensor as much as possible. Launched in November, Kinect quickly went on to sell over 10 million units in its first 60 days, earning itself a slot in the Guinness World Records for fastest selling consumer electronic ever. Now that the hype’s dyed down a bit, the Kinect can still be found […]

Nintendo officially announces Wii 2 will arrive next year
Nintendo has just put an end to all speculation about the arrival of their next home video gaming console. The Japanese video game company has officially announced that their new console, the Wii 2 will be a successor to the original Wii and will arrive sometime in 2012, next year. While we’ll have to wait until next year to get our hands on the console, Nintendo will be officially confirming […]

Nintendo will unveil Wii HD at E3
After years of rumors, Game Informer says it’s been able to confirm with multiple sources that Nintendo will unveil the successor to the Wii at E3 this year. This comes off news that the Wii will receive a $50 price cut next month. As far as information on the console goes, all GI knows is that it will have high-definition graphics, but are unsure whether or not it will exceed […]

Xbox Kinect, Hands-On
I have jumped in front of an Xbox 360 and tried Microsoft’s Kinect motion control system (formerly known as Project Natal) with Kinect Sports, Driving and Dancing Central. I do “ok” at bowling, but I’m clearly a lame dancer… meh. Anyway, the goal of this exercise is to report on how good Kinect is as a game controller, and the results are quite good – with a few caveats. Kinect […]

Sony Announces PlayStation Move At E3 With Pricing Details
Sony talks up the long awaited PlayStation Move at E3 today, where we do know that it will rely on visual and motion sensors to get its game on, where it will not marginalize hardcore gamers with its high level of precision – something we suspect that Microsoft’s Kinect is unable to handle when it comes to aiming accurately. Nice to see Sony take up the psychological high ground in […]

Nintendo 3DS announced at E3
It is finally here, and previous speculations are proven correct – Nintendo has announced the brand new 3DS handheld console that will bring 3D gaming to the masses, especially for those who are always on-the-go! Its 3.5″ display is located on the upper segment of the console, where it offers stereoscopic 3D sans the need for special glasses. There is also a 3D depth slider on the right side of […]

What will Nintendo and Sony offer at this year's E3?
E3 used to be the mecca of video game events, but the grandoiseness of it all proved to be its ultimate demise, and the show has since toned down a whole lot from its crisis a few years back. Well, at this year’s E3, it doesn’t have to be any less exciting despite having less pizzazz in terms of “flashy” presentations. After all, news concerning the video game world in […]

Xbox 360 Hands-On Photos
We got our hands on the Xbox 360 and here are the real-world images of the beast. First surprise: it looks better than it did during the press event. It has a piano black finish that is exquisite – just like your HDTV (we hope for you). The new design is very cool – literally. The cooling design has been much improved with tons of ways to let air enter […]

Microsoft Kinect Introduced by Cirque du Soleil at E3
Microsoft has just introduced Kinect with the help of Cirque du Soleil in Los Angeles at E3. Formerly known s Project Natal, Kinect is a technology based on a camera that can capture color and depth information. It is capable of tracking movement of the whole body, which is not the case for arch-rivals Sony and Nintendo where it is the motion of sensors that is tracked. Despite being quite […]

Microsoft Kinect Goes Official
The name of it was leaked just a short while ago, and now the Microsoft Kinect (previously, dubbed Project Natal) has gone official. Aside from the confirmation of the product name, some information on a few games were also mentioned, including a yoga game, dancing game, Kinect Sports, Kinectimals (a pet game), and of course, the all-important Start Wars game, that lets you fulfill your Jedi fantasies. We’re really looking […]

Xbox 360 Slim Video Surfaces And Project Natal Renamed As Kinect
With E3 just around the corner, rumors of the Xbox 360 Slim and Project Natal are surfacing again, and this time, it’s due to an italian advert that has surfaced, showing what is supposedly the Xbox 360 Slim. If it’s accurate, the Xbox 360 Slim has a rather angular design, giving us the impression of the Xbox logo itself, and it’s obviously slimmer than the current hardware. According to the […]

Rumor: Xbox 360 Slim To Be Unveiled At E3?
While there isn’t any official confirmation on this just yet, speculation is that Microsoft could be gearing up to unveil an Xbox 360 Slim at E3, which is just around the corner. With the recent release of Sony’s PlayStation 3 slim, it wouldn’t be too surprising if such a move did materialize, as both parties do compete with each other quite strongly, especially since the PlayStation Move and Project Natal […]