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Xbox One Won't See Red Ring Of Death, Microsoft Confident
Microsoft is confident that the Xbox One will not suffer from "Red Ring of Death," made popular by the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 slim laptop lets you game on the go – almost
The DIY community has been coming up with portable versions of home gaming consoles for quite some time now, but they’re usually a one-of creation, with the modders having no plans to do another version of the same model. But not Ed. This hardware modder has decided to start up his own business selling Xbox 360 Slim laptops and boy they sure are impressive.

Calibur11 Base Vaults keep your Xbox 360 Slim safe
If you’re afraid of your Xbox 360 Slim console getting damaged, Calibur11 has released the product just for you. Called the Base Vault, these high-end cases completely protect the Xbox 360 Slim when attached to the console. Base Vaults also provide more stability to the console, preventing any accidental tipping over for those harrowing game moments or bouts of fierce competition. The Base Vaults also optimize air flow for your […]

Liquid-cooled PC/Xbox 360 Slim Hybrid appearing at CES 2011
ORIGIN PC, the experts of modding gaming computers, will be showing off their liquid-cooled PC/Xbox 360 hybrid at CES 2011. The behemoth of a machine was unveiled earlier this year, and it doesn’t look any less fearsome than it did back then. The machine looks like it could be the cause of a mushroom cloud explosion! The hybrid PC/Xbox 360 is designed for one thing in mind- gaming, and gaming […]


Origin The Big O Gaming PC Sports An Xbox 360 Inside It
Can’t think of a way to make your neighbor’s gaming rig look outdated? Perhaps if you picked up The Big O from Origin PC you might be able to have the last laugh. The gaming rig is unique as it sports a built-in Xbox 360 slim console along with a Core i7-930-powered computer in the same chassis. Pricing for The Big O will begin at $7,669 and will include specifications […]

New Xbox 360 ready to hit the markets this fall
The recently introduced Xbox 360 is slated to hit the markets later this fall for a dollar under $200, where there is also confirmation that Kinect will be a standalone device, although you can also get it as a bundle with the new Xbox 360. Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to release pricing details on the bundle, but rest assured that as the fall release date draws near, more information will […]

Xbox 360 Slim Video Surfaces And Project Natal Renamed As Kinect
With E3 just around the corner, rumors of the Xbox 360 Slim and Project Natal are surfacing again, and this time, it’s due to an italian advert that has surfaced, showing what is supposedly the Xbox 360 Slim. If it’s accurate, the Xbox 360 Slim has a rather angular design, giving us the impression of the Xbox logo itself, and it’s obviously slimmer than the current hardware. According to the […]

Rumor: Xbox 360 Slim To Be Unveiled At E3?
While there isn’t any official confirmation on this just yet, speculation is that Microsoft could be gearing up to unveil an Xbox 360 Slim at E3, which is just around the corner. With the recent release of Sony’s PlayStation 3 slim, it wouldn’t be too surprising if such a move did materialize, as both parties do compete with each other quite strongly, especially since the PlayStation Move and Project Natal […]

Leaked Picture Of Xbox 360 Slim Motherboard?
While it’s impossible to confirm the legitimacy of this picture at the moment, apparently this is a leaked picture of an upcoming model of the Xbox 360, possibly the Xbox 360 Slim (or whatever Microsoft plans to call it). This could also be the first time that the console combines both the CPU and GPU onto a single chip, not to mention the result is that the motherboard is nice […]