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[CEATEC 2010] This is why we come to Ceatec, nowhere else in the world will you see a phone that integrates an Ion-generator that aims at sanitizing the air in a 30cm radius around the phone. Of course, you have to understand that many people wear their mobile phones around the neck, instead of putting them in the pocket where the ionizer would certainly do little good. With this new feature, NTT Docomo thinks that it can provide a healthier experience to its customers. The phone might be big today, but mock-ups show that in the future the technology should be miniaturized enough to hit in a standard-size cellphone. The actual benefits will probably spark some controversy, but the fact that Docomo is even looking into it is quite remarkable. More images of this handset that will bring in a breath of fresh air (pun intended) in the extended post. Only in Japan…

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