The cellular network strength does not have to be necessarily good at every place you visit. You might be going for a hike or just exploring the wilderness on your bicycle.

No matter where you go, the cellular network and Internet connectivity might get affected at some point in time.

In such type of cases, you need to have an option for an emergency to be able to send text messages, at least.

SatPaq is a tiny satellite dish that lets you exactly do that with0ut requiring cellular signal or Internet connectivity.

You just need to have their own app installed on your Android or iOS smartphone while attaching their dish to your smartphone. It is similar to the dish network for TVs, if you can see the sky, you can send a text message to anyone.

However, it is worth noting that the receiver will not get the text from your number. Instead, it will utilize SatPaq’s number to send your message along with your signature.

The device connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your phone. It will cost you $250 for the tech and will provide you a battery backup of 4 months (which is impressive).

For the messages, you can buy the message quotas in bundles that will never expire until used at just 30 cents per message.

It indeed is something useful for a specific group of people or even for consumers during a natural disaster or power outages. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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