Articles about ceatec 2010

Fujitsu Teddy Bear robot to care for the elderly
Docomo Phone with integrated air purifier
Yamaha infosound embeds data in audio media
SMK demonstrates egg-shaped air mouse
Yamaha 1mm Thin Light Flexible Speaker
Docomo AR walker demo
Fujitsu dual-screen touch smartphone
Docomo Tai Heart tells you if you're really in love
Panasonic has Kinect-like system for digital signage
KDDI free viewpoint turns 2D video into interactive 3D
Panasonic Lumix GH2 with 3D lens, hands-on
Android Sharp IS03 with Retina Display, hands-on
RFID tags to avoid gas leaks
UQ WiMax Provider hits 300Mbps with WiMax2
Panasonic Lumix Phone -- Meh
Hitachi Hybrid Optical+SSD+HDD drive
ROHM OLED micro-display
Murata Pulse-ring checks your vital signs in a non-intrusive way
Hitachi next-generation backlight for LCD TV
Sharp to demonstrate 64-inch prototype LCD display at CEATEC