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A Tiny Satellite Dish Lets You Send Texts From Your Smartphone With No Cellular Network
The cellular network strength does not have to be necessarily good at every place you visit. You might be going for a hike or just exploring the wilderness on your bicycle.No matter where you go, the cellular network and Internet connectivity might get affected at some point in time.In such type of cases, you need to have an option for an emergency to be able to send text messages, at […]

A ZigZag Foldable Phone From TCL Is The Craziest Foldable Phone Prototype Yet
In a report by CNET, a prototype foldable phone from TCL reveals itself as a dual-hinged foldable concept phone which folds in three parts (appears as a zigzag) and opens as a huge 10-inch tablet.Along with an interesting set of specs (4 rear cameras, one front camera, USB-C, and no headphone jack), there was a lot going on with the phone.It might feel very similar to a book giving away […]

Woman Electrocuted While Talking On Plugged In Phone
At some point in our lives, we’ve all picked up a call on our phones while they’re plugged in and charging. This doesn’t seem like a very dangerous thing to do but there have been many cases of people getting injured or worse while using their phone without unplugging it first. The latest such incident is of a woman who was reportedly electrocuted as she was talking on her phone […]

How To Change Your Gmail Password
Learn how to easily change your GMail password on the web or on your phone. Enable 2FA for maximum security. Be done in minutes and have peace of mind


Heart 401AB Phone Certainly Has A Charger That Looks The Part
Now here is yet another handset from the folks over at Japan, which will arrive in a rather unconventional form factor. No prizes for guessing just what kind of shape the comes in where the charger is concerned, especially when the handset itself carries the name Heart 401AB. Good thing there is no blood on this, although the crimson shade would certainly make this feature phone a decent surprise purchase […]

UK Operators Want To Solve Network Coverage Woes With £5 Billion Infrastructure Investment
I am quite sure that just about all of us have experienced this before – you walk into a building, and have pretty decent network coverage on your smartphone, only to discover later on that in certain areas of the building, the network coverage magically drops to zero. Zilch. Nada. That can prove to be rather frustrating at times, especially if you tend to walk around during a conversation. Is […]

Fairphone Is First Fair Trade Smartphone In The World
All right, so I have seen fair trade clothes as well as fair trade coffee, but a fair trade smartphone? Somehow, that particular idea does take some amount of time to sink in, and it seems that the world’s first fair-trade smartphone has been aptly called the Fairphone. Just what the heck is the Fairphone, and why does it deserve such recognition? Touted to be the most ethically sourced device […]

Instant Pizza Button On Your Hotel Phone
I have started to relive my second childhood by catching up on episodes of the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, and it has certainly whet my appetite where pizza is concerned as these mutated, English speaking reptiles tend to place orders for piping hot pizza all the time. Assuming the human world is not loathe to them and would not mind seeing them walking around in public, they might […]

Samsung Phone Runs On Urine
Have you ever heard of NEWater that originated in the city state of Singapore? It is actually reclaimed water which has been processed so that one is able to drink what was once unpalatable. Well, human waste is not called that for no particular reason at all. Waste is still waste, but here we are with what could very well be a forward looking innovation. Researchers from the University of […]

Toddler Purchases Vintage Car By Accident Over Dad's Phone
Toddler purchases her own future birthday present with dad's phone.

Phone Camera Assists Medical Field Again
It is said that plenty of science and medicine fields do rely on microscope and flow cytometry use, where the former see action in numerous medical fields including identifying pathogens and examining tissue samples for aberrations among others. As for flow cytometry, it is used for cell sorting, counting and biomarker detection, and comes in handy to diagnose different disorders, where among them also include hematological malignancies. The thing is, […]

Get Smart Shoe Phone Makes A Comeback
Have you watched the Get Smart series in the past, and if I am not mistaken, there was even a movie about it shot in recent times. Well, it seems that artist Sean Miles has decided to “upcycle” a quartet of old and unwanted mobiles by lodging them in a Christian Louboutin heel, a Nike trainer and wait for it – a men’s brogue and Hunter Wellington boot. These handsets […]

Unlocking Cellphones In US Illegal This January 26
It seems that the clock is ticking for those who want to unlock their cellphones in the US, as from January 26th onwards, it will be deemed illegal to do so. How did this decision come about? A little bit of history lesson needs to come into play here, as back in October 2012, the Librarian of Congress, a body that determines exemptions to a strict anti-hacking law known as […]

Shake Your Phone To Juice It Up
I guess this is an idea that is a long time in coming – harnessing the power of kinetic energy in order to juice up one’s gadgets, which is pretty useful especially when you are in an emergency situation and all power supplies around you are out of order. Shashank Priya and his colleagues at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg are working on a new kind of emergency onboard charger which […]

Italy Supreme Court: Mobile phones do cause brain tumors
The eternal debate rages on even after this landmark ruling, and I am not referring to Pepsi vs Coke or the Bird vs Johnson, or even Ali vs Foreman, but rather, do mobile phones (smartphones fall under this category too, for that matter) cause cancer in the brain or not? Italy’s Supreme Court has ruled so, citing that they found a ‘causal link’ between 60-year old businessman Innocente Marcolini’s mobile […]

Phone valet for schoolkids looks like a viable business idea
Do you have a good business idea that is swimming right in your head? Well, if it happens to be a consumer electronics valet service, someone else already beat you to it a few years back. For instance, since phones are banned in all New York City public schools, any student caught flouting this rule would have their handsets confiscated – but this rule is widely ignored except for those […]

Man dials 911 with butt during alleged drug deal
Talk about having a stinking problem – it seems that during an alleged drug deal, a man dialed 911 by accident using of all things, his butt. Yes sir, the part of your body which has one of the softest bits of flesh, and is used to cushion and support most of your body weight whenever you sit down, proved to be the undoing of this alleged drug deal. Justin […]

Xiaomi Phone 2 to come in 3 variants
We took a gander at the Xiaomi Phone 2 just a few days ago, and here is more information about it. The Xiaomi Phone 2 has been spotted in a particular filing from TENAA, where it is known by its codename “2012051”, and we do know that the Xiaomi Phone 2 will come with a built-in WCDMA radio. Some folks out there might figure out that this is rather familiar […]

Xiaomi Phone 2 could see August 16 debut with super strong packaging
Just how tough do you think your smartphone is? Well, here could be a potential benchmark for you to look at – the Xiaomi Phone 2 which might debut this coming August 16th which is just a fortnight away, where it boasts of an extremely robust packaging that is touted to withstand weight of up to 180kg as you can see in the image on the right. Some of the […]

Ofcom research: UK folks prefer to text than call
Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, has performed a research which discovered that most UK adults prefer to send a text message instead of making that phone call – making it the most preferred method of communication over a featurephone or smartphone. The average UK phone user is said to send around 50 text messages each week, and if you were to total that up, 150 billion text messages were sent […]