heart-phoneNow here is yet another handset from the folks over at Japan, which will arrive in a rather unconventional form factor. No prizes for guessing just what kind of shape the comes in where the charger is concerned, especially when the handset itself carries the name Heart 401AB. Good thing there is no blood on this, although the crimson shade would certainly make this feature phone a decent surprise purchase for your loved one for any special occasion.

This is clearly a phone for the 1990s – where it will only handle phone calls. Yes, you read that right – there is no provision made for SMS functionality to boot, so you can forget about checking out your Twitter or Facebook account on the Heart 401AB, too. Available later this March via Japanese carrier Ymobile, it will rely on the PHS network which handles voice calls mostly.

As for the hardware specifications of the Heart 401AB, do not expect anything extraordinary, but rather, it might even feel as though you are taking a trip down memory lane. The handset will feature a 128 x 36 dot display, a phonebook with enough memory for just 100 names and numbers, and hands-free support. It will ship alongside a heart-shaped charger as mentioned earlier, and there will be a Sailor Moon edition to boot. Would be cool if the ring tone was that of a heartbeat.

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