Google Voice Headed to Non-Phone iPad, iPod Touch

Google is now expanding its Google Voice service to non-phone devices, which includes the iPad and iPod Touch–both lack phone support and dialer to make voice calls despite the former having a mobile broadband modem via the WiFi + 3G model. The new version of Google Voice, available as a free download or upgrade via Apple’s iTunes App Store, will allow users to send and receive free text messages and also make calls. Although users can’t receive calls on these non-phone devices, Google will allow users to initiate the call from Google Voice and select which phones you have set up to ring. For instance, you can log into Google Voice via the iPad app and have your home phone connect you to Grandma to connect the call that way. Other improvements to the app include push notifications so you won’t get text forwarding, resulting in a duplication of notifications. You can also initiate a Do Not Disturb option in settings to get some quiet time away from your mobile, and a dedicated contacts tab in the Dialer will make it easy to access your phone book. Hopefully, Google will also make Google Voice available for non-phone Android devices as well in the future.

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