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Google Voice Sprint Integration Ending June 1st
Sprint subscribers have had access to a fully integrated Google Voice experience since 2011 as a result of a partnership between the two companies. It enabled subscribers to make calls with their Sprint number and get access to Google Voice features such as voicemail transcription, call forwarding to multiple numbers, call recording, and more. Even after Google relaunched Voice in 2017 the integration continued to work but it has now […]

Google Voice Gets Improved Spam Call Filtering
Just like how most of us hate junk mail, junk text messages, spam calls are just as annoying because unlike emails or text messages that can be deleted easily, spam calls require you to answer the phone first before realizing that you’ve been duped. Now there are various services out there that protects against such calls, and Google Voice is one of them.

Google Voice Gets A Much Awaited Update
A couple of weeks ago, Google revealed that they were planning on giving its Google Voice service an upgrade. The good news is that if you’ve been anticipating this update, Google has announced that the update to Google Voice is finally here and that iOS, Android, and web users will be able to take advantage of it.

Google Confirms Updates To Google Voice Are Coming
Given that there are so many different VoIP services in the market at the moment, especially with messenger apps like WhatsApp introducing such services to their platform, we guess it is understandable if you might have forgotten about Google Voice, the company’s attempt at creating a VoIP platform of their own.


Google Launches Landline Service Called Fiber Phone
As hard as it might appear for the younger generation to believe, there was a time without cellphones, a time when we used to rely on landlines to get in touch with our loved ones. You can forget about texting and tweeting. Now that almost everybody has a cellphone at the very least it might not make much sense to have a home phone service. I don’t have one anymore […]

Google Fiber Phone Service Being Tested
Google Fiber, the company’s gigabit internet service, has already been rolled out in several markets across the country with more being added gradually. According to a new report the company is now offering some of its trusted testers the ability to get a Google Fiber Phone service as well. What this means is that they also get a phone service alongside their gigabit internet connection from Google.

Project Fi Will Make You Give Up Google Voice For Good
Google’s much rumored mobile network has recently unveiled officially and now the first batch of invites are being rolled out, those who are hopeful to try the service must have a Nexus 6 because the service won’t work with any other handset for now. Those who do have a Nexus 6 and extensively use Google Voice, they might want to particularly pay attention to this report, as Project Fi’s signup process […]

Google Voice Sends MMS Via Verizon
I guess that one of the major issues that people might find Google Voice to have would be the missing feature of MMS whenever one carries out a conversation with Verizon subscribers. Then again, there is also the school of thought that no one can really fully rely on Google Voice for all of their messaging needs, even if there were numerous other mobile carriers that have hopped aboard the […]

MetroTalk For Windows Phone Is No More
Windows Phone owners who used Google Voice might be familiar with MetroTalk. it was one of the best rated Google Voice application for Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Unfortunately following a ToS change last year Google requested that MetroTalk be removed from the Windows Phone Store. Even after the change the app was supported for six months which have now ended. MetroTalk for Windows Phone is officially dead.

Voice Plus Merged With CyanogenMod
Its no secret that Google Voice users often complain that the app isn’t as good as it should be. The service has a huge userbase, some even use it as their primarily phone number on a daily basis. By default, it doesn’t allow sending of SMS messages through third party apps. There is a solution for users with rooted devices, one that Koush Dutta of CyanogenMod showed off earlier this […]

Google Rolls Out Voice Support In Hangouts
Google has finally rolled out an update that would allow Hangouts users to make voice calls.

Google Voice SMS Integrated In CyanogenMod 10.1
CyanogenMod 10.1 builds now support integration of Google Voice SMS with the stock as well as third party messaging apps for rooted Android smartphones.

Google Hangouts To Receive Voice Support 'Soon'
The problem Google Voice users have experienced in Hangouts will soon be fixed.

Google Voice Calls Crippled By Google Hangouts Upgrade Within Gmail
Google Voice has been crippled when users attempt to make or receive calls on their computer while using Gmail.

Google Babel To Be Unveiled At I/O As Google Hangouts [Rumor]
Last month, we heard a lot about Google Babel as we saw screenshots of its web interface were leaked as well as a rumor of it supporting Google Voice when it’s launched. It looks like the rumor mill is picking up again as we’re hearing a new rumor in regards to Google Babel.The recent rumor concerning Google Babel reportedly comes from a source inside of Google who revealed some information on the […]

Google Voice For Android Updated
Take a look outside the window and check out the moon’s color – does it carry a blue shade with it? Assuming that it doesn’t, perhaps you might want to do a double take, since Google Voice for Android has finally received an update. One can more or less say that Google Voice has been one of Google’s more overlooked products, not only by users, but also by the Internet […]

Google Babel Could Support Google Voice
We did talk about Google Babel earlier yesterday, where leaked screenshots of its basic web interface were revealed. Well, here is more about Google Babel that you might be interested in finding out. Granted, it did seem as though Google Babel will not see Google Voice thrown into the mix at launch, and will only have the likes of Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, and Hangouts bundled, but in the course […]

Google Voice Optimized for iOS 6 and iPhone 5
The Nook app from Barnes & Noble isn’t the only one getting an update today. Google is also updating its own Google Voice app to version 1.4.3. Users on iOS 6 who are dying to use Google Voice but just can’t due to the poor support will be happy to hear that the app is now optimized for iOS 6 and yes, the iPhone 5. Version 1.4.3 comes just two […]

Google Voice update now allows users to handle anonymous calls
Google is launching a new update to Google Voice, the behemoth’s free PC-to-PC voice service that was launched way back in 2009. Google is updating the service with two new features that users might find useful. Essentially, two new groups of callers that promises to help its users manage their privacy better will be added to Google Voice – people in the address book and a separate group for anonymous […]

Google Voice has Voicemail Display with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Google Voice first launched three years ago, where visual voicemail was supported then. Just how did you access visual voicemail? For starters, you will need to open the Google Voice app, check all of your voicemails from there as they come with text transcripts, and play them on-demand. There are moments, however, where you are on the receiving end of a missed call, and it can be quite the chore […]