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If you’re a recording or touring guitarist, you know the hassle of having to bring your collection of guitars where ever you go just so you can give out a different tone for a different song. If you can make do with just one guitar, that’s great but most people can’t. And if you have to lug on extra guitar around just for one song, it doesn’t seem to be worth it. Well Ernie Ball’s CEO had a dream, and the dream is this Game Changer Guitar from their Music Man wing. The Game Changer aims to replace every single guitar you’ve ever owned or want to own. The guitar is touted to bring millions of different tonal variations on one single instrument.

The Game Changer allows guitarists to customize every single tone their guitar outputs without the hassle of opening up their guitar and messing about with its electronics or changing its pickups. It contains a memory bank that users can load up with tones of their choice (from a library of over 8 and a half million different possibilities and more than 250,000 pickup combinations) for easy switching on the fly. If you’ve ever wanted your guitar to sound like your favorite guitarist’s axe – it’s never been easier. The guitar can be plugged into a computer, and using the provided software, selecting tones is a simple clicking process. Users can download new configurations and even share their creations online. With Music Man artistes like Albert Lee and Steve Morse already sharing their configurations in the preset library and more artists to follow, getting that Jimmy Page or B.B. King tone is going to be a no-brainer.

The Game Changer will be available in Q3 this year, with the guitar coming in a twin humbucker or humbucker-single-humbucker coil configuration with a hardtail bridge model for $3,250 and a tremolo bridge model for $3,350. The twin humbucker bass model will retail for $3,250. Anyone seeing themselves shelling out the cash for these badboys? Head here for more info on the Game Changer.

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