We did take a look at the Guitar2-D2 a few days ago, and here is yet another piece of geekery that you might want to check out if you are a music enthusiast. I am referring to the Cybertech T-RON custom electric guitar which is so named simply because it drew the main inspiration from the Tron science fiction movie which had a remake some years back. The design of this guitar borrows heavily from cues in TRON: Legacy, and special mention needs to be made concerning the inlaid tubes of blue light. The guitar itself is a sequel of sorts in its own right, where it is a spin off of an earlier custom guitar, which is also the place where it received its name ‘Cybertech’.

Similar to its predecessor, the Cybertech T-RON will come with an XY MIDIpad MIDI controller, although this time around, Hutchinson has decided to throw in a Ghost pick-up system coupled with Gibson humbuckers. Both devices included, life should be a whole lot easier when it comes to adding effects or changing the tune of the guitar’s sound. The Cybertech T-RON custom electric guitar itself also comes with locking tuners as well as a custom made through-body string retainer.

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