If you were impressed with David Neevel’s previous contraption which was able to separate the cream from an OREO cookie, then you’re going to dig his latest project called the Email Guitar.

Instead of sitting behind a computer screen all day and using an archaic input method like the keyboard to type in all of your correspondences, you’ll be able to shred your way into a perfectly constructed email as the Email Guitar translates the notes played on a guitar to its corresponding letter on a keyboard. The results of Neevel’s experiment certainly looks cool, but we can’t imagine responding to an urgent email as you fumble your way through a sentence.

The Email Guitar was brought together with a combination of a Flying V guitar, an Arduino, a custom relay board and a Roland GR-33 guitar synthesizer. If you happen to have all of those at your computer desk right now and feel like creating an Email Guitar of your own, Neevel posted plans and code to help. Just remember to send him a “Thank You” email when you’re fighting off waves of women who are totally into your emailing methods.

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