We’ve seen some impressive guitar mods in the past couple of months as we’ve seen one that is shaped like an NES, while another types out certain keys on a computer depending on what notes you play. But have you seen guitars that are are to look like the Millennium Falcon, a Y-Wing and a B-Wing from Star Wars?

These guitars were created by 64-year-old Tom Bingham for himself as he has said he doesn’t plan on selling them. Each guitar took Bingham around three months to build, which he has a total of 20 other guitar designs, a number of which have nothing to do with Star Wars such as his chessboard guitar and his vinyl record guitar. His Millennium Falcon Guitar was used by attaching the neck of a guitar to a replica, which he also equipped with flashing LEDs in the back to give it a “hyperdrive look.”

Unfortunately, there’s no way you could get your hands on Bingham’s guitars as he is pretty adamant about keeping them as they’re a result of his hobby. If you’re a guitarist, the best thing to do is just forget this ever existed or you could end up heartbroken when you realize you can never, ever have it.

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