The Keyglove that you see here is definitely not just a futuristic looking piece of fashion to keep your fingers nice and warm during the bitter cold of winter, but it is also an open-source portable Arduino/AVR-powered glove which relies on the touch combinations for keys as well as an accelerometer for the mouse in order to generate keyboard and mouse control codes with but a single hand. Upon learning it, the glove can be used in a jiffy without having to look at it, making it ideal for embedded/wearable environments. The glove itself is thin and light, where it was specially constructed to enable activities such as writing to happen without being cumbersome. It right now requires $10,000 to kick start as a project, and with 27 days to go as at press time and a mere 13 backers with $365 pledged, it still has some ways to proceed before entering reality.

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