Home Premiere movie rentals coming soon

Home Premiere moviesIf you missed catching a movie at the cinema and can’t bear to wait the 3-6 months before it arrives on Netflix or some DVD rental service, we have some good news and bad news for you. It has been reported that a number of movie distributers have signed on to support a new movie streaming service called Home Premiere. With Home Premiere, consumers will get access to movies around 2 months (60 days) after it is shown in the cinemas. While this means that folks won’t have to wait as long for the movies to hit their TV screens, the bad news is that this streaming service will cost you $30 a movie. The streaming will be handled through DirecTV exclusively and will start in April, with the first two movies offered being Unknown and Just Go With It. Would anybody pay $30 for a HD stream of a movie, when they can just wait a while more to get it on DVD/Bluray that they can keep and rewatch anytime they like? This move will probably encourage users to make time just to watch movies when they are available in the cinemas instead of procrastinating. What do you think?


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