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Microsoft's xCloud Streaming Service Adds 50 New Games
Microsoft sent out invites to test their Project xCloud streaming service last month. In just over a month, it has made a huge announcement.The xCloud streaming service, which is still in the preview phase is expected to launch in 2020, as confirmed by Microsoft at XO19 (Xbox-focused event).In the event that took place in London, Microsoft also revealed its plan to launch more games on the platform.At least, 50 new […]

The Apple TV App Is Now Available On Roku
Roku is a quite popular online media player (or streaming player). It also offers a smart TV and a streaming stick (like Amazon’s Firestick) to make it possible for you to access multiple services on your TV.You can watch the free channels available or opt for the premium ones offered.In addition to all the channels available, Roku announced that the Apple TV app is finally available as a channel on […]

Facebook Unveiled The Portal TV For $149
We recently reported about the potential launch of Facebook’s ‘Portal’ TV streaming device. Now, it has just been a day and here it is. Facebook revealed the details on the new ‘Portal’ family of devices that include a Portal Mini, the original Portal, and the new Portal TV.The Portal family lineup is going to be available for in the US and Canda. Also, it is coming to the UK, France, […]

New York Public Library Ends Its Free Movie Streaming Service
For many New Yorkers, the Public Library’s free movie streaming service has been one of the city’s best kept secrets. That will no longer be the case starting next week. It has been confirmed that the iconic New York library is shutting down the service since its partnership with Kanopy, a multimedia streaming service, has ended.


Hulu TV Streaming Service Will Feature Channels From Disney And Fox
We have known for a while now that Hulu is working on a new standalone online TV streaming service that it’s going to launch at some point next year. The over-the-top streaming market is certainly getting crowded and the company will need to make sure that its offering stands out from the competition both in terms of channels offered and the price charged from subscribers. Hulu has confirmed that its […]

YouTube TV Streaming Service Expected Next Year
Online TV streaming services are picking up steam so it’s not surprising to see new players trying to make it in this market. It’s believed that YouTube has been working on an online TV streaming service for some time now and some new information on this service has surfaced. It’s said that the YouTube TV streaming service is likely going to be launched next year with partners like CBS, ABC, […]

Alabama Mulling Tax On Streaming TV Shows And Movies
Alabama might soon force companies to pay a tax on every movie and TV show streamed through their service if a proposed rule passes. The rental tax concept is nothing new. Back in the day when brick and mortar rental stores existed customers did pay a rental tax when they took home a tape. With video stores effectively being run into the ground by online services Alabama is losing millions in tax […]

Music Streaming Could Be “Cure” For Piracy
When it comes to the issue of piracy where digital content is concerned, how does one approach the topic? Is there really a way to ensure that such piracy will not happen ever again, or at least the number of such acts are reduced? Perhaps, and for the country of Norway, it seems that the issue surrounding music piracy has more or less disappeared after a few years of introducing […]

Plex For PlayStation Announced
Have you heard about Plex before? Plex happens to be a full featured streaming app which would enable one to set up a personal, in-home Netflix of sorts. Of course, other than just having to stream videos, Plex also allows one to save the point where you last viewed that video, only to continue viewing it from the paused moment on a different device altogether, how neat is that? Plex […]

Ryanair To Test Streaming Movies And TV Shows To Passengers’ Devices
Watching movies on a long haul flight is old hat by now – although there are still some budget airlines that do not come with such service – simply because you pay a whole lot less in the first place, which means that such perks too, would not be available. Well, budget airline Ryanair intends to test movie and TV show streaming over to tablets and smartphones of passengers during […]

Single Enters UK Top 40 Despite Having 100% Of Her Music Streamed
To break into a the top 40 of the music charts is not an easy feat, regardless of whether you are in the U.S. or entertaining folks across the pond in the U.K., but U.S. singer Meghan Trainor has reason to celebrate her achievement today as she happens to be the very first act to be part of the U.K. top 40 – and none of these came from record […]

How To Install Plex Media Server
There are a few software options to stream content to the TV, just to name a few, XBMC, Windows Media Center and MythTV (Linux based). As cool and functional as they are none of them support remote streaming as Plex Media Server does. It is based on a client-server architecture or act as a middle tier server. The content is centralized and served from the Plex Media Server within your […]

Roku 3 Review
Roku devices have been streaming Internet content since 2008. That would explain why every streaming content player, except for iTunes, supports the Roku brand. Unlike Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, Roku does not have any content to push for. Roku has also opted for the “open source” format, like Boxee, allowing 3rd parties to provide “Private Channels”, another source of content for the Roku devices.The latest Roku generation (Gen […]

Irish Funeral Home Plans To Stream Funeral Proceedings
Funerals are typically a very somber and sad affair, and for the most part they’re pretty low-tech. After all most of the time it just involves relatives and friends coming together to say the final farewell before the casket is lowered into the ground or before it is cremated.However an Irish company has decided to make funerals a slightly more hi-tech affair by offering the ability to stream funerals onto […]

Super Bowl Achieves New Live Streaming Record
The Super Bowl is one spectacle that would also see its fair share of commercial tie-ins, and in this year’s edition, you could say that from a sporting perspective, it was a disappointment simply because there was no nail biting finish, and the victor was never in doubt at all. From the tech perspective, however, things have definitely looked good. Apparently, an average of 528,000 people did tune in to […]

Qualcomm, DoubleTwist Announce Open-Source AirPlay-like Application
[MWC 2013] The only way Android users have been able to achieve AirPlay-like streaming of their devices to wireless speakers, headphones, TVs, home theater systems and everything in between has been through Google’s YouTube application on Android, and that’s only if you have a Google TV hooked up.DoubleTwist introduced an application back in 2011 that allowed Android devices to stream to Apple TV, but today, the company is announcing a […]

Netflix Launches Streaming 3D, Super HD Video With A Number Of Catches
With all of this talk about 4K displays at this year’s CES, we’re sure many of you who use online streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video are wondering if a TV capable of that resolution would even make an impact in your life as all you do is stream your video. At this point, it won’t, but Netflix is taking steps in the right direction […]

Streaming media not so green after all?
Going paperless has been touted by some quarters to be part of an effort to go green. After all, since there is no printed media and eliminates the need for a truck to deliver your daily newspaper or monthly magazine to your area from the printing press, surely the amount of carbon footprint would be reduced? Not really, according to a rather fascinating MusicTank report concerning the “hidden cost of […]

YouTube Live Adds Pay-Per-View to Live Streaming
YouTube has added monetization options to its live streaming platform which includes the ability ofr publishers to charge for live events. As written on YouTube’s publisher blog yesterday, “You can now monetize your live events with advertising or paid options. A live event can be claimed in the new video manager like any other video and monetized with instream ads or paid options where you can set price by country.” […]

Kivic ONE gives your car stereo AirPlay
[CES 2012] Apple’s AirPlay technology (which lets users stream music from their iOS devices onto compatible devices) has been pretty popular thanks to the large amount of iOS devices that have been sold on the market so it’s no surprise that a lot of manufacturers are supporting the standard on their products. However, not all consumers want to invest in a new speaker or player just to take advantage of […]