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LG HX906TX 9.1 cinema sound system
When it comes to watching movies, sometimes it’s hard to beat the cinema experience thanks to the comfy seats, huge screen, popcorn, the company and let’s not forget the sound system and room acoustics. Of course some may prefer watching movies in the privacy of their own home, so while a 30-40 foot tall display may not be the most feasible, perhaps LG’s HX906TX 9.1 cinema sound system will be […]

MoviePass offers exclusive subscription service for unlimited movies in theaters
What’s better than watching an unlimited amount of movies on your TV screen in your living room? How about an unlimited number of movies at the theater instead? If you like the sound of that, you’ll be interested in MoviePass. Movie Pass has just announced the private beta of its first ever exclusive subscription service that will allow movie enthusiasts to watch an unlimited number of movies at a fixed […]

Dolby announces 3D Kids' Glasses
3D movies are all the rage right now – pretty much every movie that involves a cartoon character is optimized for the 3D experience. While cinemas have 3D glasses in adult sizes that are designed to be “one size fits all”, it’s usually not the case with children. Most kids, especially really young ones have much smaller faces than other people. And smaller faces mean glasses that don’t fit properly, […]

Ingri:Dahl James: say goodbye to ugly 3D glasses
I’m sure most of you will know by now how ridiculous people look with cinema-provided 3D glasses during 3D movie screenings. Well, a pair of Norwegian twins decided to put their feet down and come up with an answer to the question, “Why do 3D glasses have to be so ugly?”Kine and Einy Paulsen have launched the Ingri:Dahl “James” 3D glasses. These designer 3D glasses are designed to be fashionable […]


Are 3D movies losing appeal?
According to an analyst as reported by the Home Media Magazine, it looks like 3D movies are losing their appeal. Judging by the latest sales figures of Pirates of the Caribbean – the movie has been doing pretty well in the box office. But of the revenue made by the movie – only 38% was from ticket sales of the movie in 3D.  Compared to movies released in the same […]

Movie theater ups the ante with 4D capability
For those who have paid a visit to the Universal Studios theme park would most probably have experienced a movie-themed ride that involved not only 3D movie viewing, but also blows of air and splashes of water for that added effect – hence the forth dimension. This latest technology seems to be making its way to movie theaters as well, in the form of movie seats that will rumble and […]

Home Premiere movie rentals coming soon
If you missed catching a movie at the cinema and can’t bear to wait the 3-6 months before it arrives on Netflix or some DVD rental service, we have some good news and bad news for you. It has been reported that a number of movie distributers have signed on to support a new movie streaming service called Home Premiere. With Home Premiere, consumers will get access to movies around […]

Be the coolest kid in the cinema watching Transformers 3
Hasbro and Real-D have teamed up to launch some Transformers themed 3D masks to make your 3D movie watching experience a more exciting one. These Transformers themed masks contain Real-D 3D lenses for you to enjoy Transformers 3 3D in the cinema while looking like their favorite Cybertron hero. The “role-playing” masks even come with no mouthpiece so you can be sure it won’t be getting in between you and […]

Robots take care of cinemas in South Korea
It looks like the cinema ticket sellers in South Korea might lose their jobs soon. A new robot from Ed Corporation has been placed all over cinema lobbies in South Korea, and customers can use them to check times and purchase tickets. It functions pretty much like a standard ticketing kiosk, except that it can move around by itself. In addition to serving tickets to customers, the robots double up […]