One of the ways that movie studios and cinemas try to entice people to buy their tickets in advance is by giving away collectibles like t-shirts, caps, beanies, keychains, and more. However, AMC is taking things to the next level by announcing that advance ticket purchases to Spider-Man: No Way Home will net moviegoers NFTs.

For those unfamiliar, NFTs are essentially digital assets that rely on blockchain technology. Right now, they’re generally used in digital art where you can purchase an NFT of a drawing, video, photo, audio, and other types of digital assets and you would technically “own” it, kind of like how an NFT yacht in a video game was recently purchased for $650,000.

According to AMC, there will be 86,000 NFTs available with about 100 designs to choose from, meaning that in a way you’re kind of like getting a collectible except in NFT form. Of course, there’s no stopping someone from taking a screenshot or saving the collectible to their computer and having a copy of it as well, but technically, the one you redeemed from AMC would be yours to own as backed by the blockchain.

It’s an interesting move by AMC, but as the world is moving towards crypto and digital assets, we can’t say we’re too surprised. If you’ve been looking to get your hands on an NFT, this could be one way of doing so.

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