‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Movie Delayed To Summer 2020

Following the critical success of the Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot, it didn’t come as a surprise that a sequel was greenlit. The movie was initially confirmed for a release on the 1st of November, 2019, but unfortunately it seems that the movie has since been delayed where it will now be released in the summer of 2020.

Hulu Looking Into Creating ‘Skinnier’ Live TV Bundles

The way we consume our media content these days has changed. Back in the day if you wanted to watch live shows, you’d have to turn on the TV. However nowadays we are able to watch live streams on our computers, phones, tablets, and so on, which we imagine was one of the reasons Hulu started offering live TV bundles.

DC’s ‘The Flash’ Movie Delayed, Might Only Be Released In 2021

DC announced plans for a standalone The Flash movie several years ago, and the movie has been plagued with all kinds of problems since. Not only have we seen several directors drop out, but last year it was reported that the movie would have to be rewritten from scratch, thus delaying its release even further.

Black Panther’s Writer & Director Expected To Return For Sequel

Following the massive success that Black Panther had at the box office, a sequel was pretty much confirmed. Now the good news is that if you enjoyed the first movie, then expect its sequel to maintain the same tone (and hopefully success) as its predecessor because a report from The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Ryan Coogler will return for the sequel.


Disney’s Acquisition Of Fox Expected To Close January 1, 2019

Given the rise in popularity of superhero movies lately, we’re sure that many were excited when Disney announced their plans to acquire Fox. The deal would also see some Marvel licenses returned to Disney, namely the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool, where Disney had previously confirmed that they will be folded into the MCU.

Apple Could Bundle Original Content For Free For Device Owners

We know that Apple is gearing up to launch some kind of streaming service given all the shows that they seem to be trying to put together. However the big question is how will they distribute it? We can only assume that just like Apple Music, Apple will want to make it so that its video service is readily available to help reduce any hurdles that could hamper adoption.

James Gunn Moves To DC, Will Write Suicide Squad 2

James Gunn is the director best known for helping to write and direct Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies. However as some of you might have heard, Gunn has since been let go by Disney following controversial tweets that he made a decade ago, resulting in the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie being put on hold.

Netflix Announces Plans To Buy Its Own Production Studio

One of the reasons why streaming platforms like Netflix has appealed to many, both consumers and creators, is that they don’t necessarily play by the same rules as some of the larger studios do, where they seem to allow creators to have a bit more flex when it comes to creativity (although it doesn’t always pay off).

Apple TV Could Be Used As A Pay-TV In The UK

Given how many cable companies there are at the moment, it basically means that each cable company has their own set-top box for customers to use to browse their channels with, but over in the UK, a report from the Telegraph suggests that Apple could be entering into the pay-TV business with the Apple TV in a potential partnership with BT.

Capcom Confirms Live-Action Monster Hunter Movie Is In The Works

Just the other day Capcom announced that a live-action movie adaptation of Mega Man would be made, but it seems that is not all Capcom has to announce. The company has also recently confirmed that a live-action movie adaptation of its Monster Hunter franchise would be made as well.

Netflix Reportedly Consumes 15% Of The Global Internet Traffic

It is not hard to see why streaming services are steadily gaining ground. Back in the day if you wanted to watch a movie online, you’d have to pay for it upfront, and if you did not enjoy it then too bad. However streaming services allow users to watch any movie or TV show to their heart’s content for a fixed monthly price, saving users a ton of money in […]

Chris Evans Bids Farewell To His Role As Captain America

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe was first created, it featured characters from the Marvel franchise that were immediately recognizable, such as Iron Man and Captain America. While actor Robert Downey Jr. might be very recognizable in his role as Iron Man, Chris Evans’ Captain America is just as popular.

Live-Action Mega Man Movie Officially Announced

Several years ago, Capcom revealed their plans and interest in developing a live-action Mega Man movie. Last year we heard that those plans were moving forward and for those who are fans of the Mega Man franchise and think it would be awesome to see a Mega Man movie, it looks like it will officially be happening.

‘Dance Dance Revolution’ Movie In The Works

Dance Dance Revolution is pretty much a staple at almost every arcade that you go to. We’re sure many have seen the crazy videos of people dancing along at impossible speeds with perfect accuracy, and now it looks like we could be getting a Dance Dance Revolution movie, according to a report from Deadline.