New Trailer For Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Released With Updated Character Design
Earlier this year, the official trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was released and it featured a very weird looking Sonic. This was met with massive backlash from the internet, which prompted the studio to delay the release of the movie while they went back to the drawing board to fix the character’s design.

Disney Plus Might Not Work On All Devices
So Disney Plus will be launching next month and given the breadth of Disney’s catalogue and the various franchises under its umbrella, it is understandable that many are eagerly anticipating its release. However, before you get too excited, it seems that there is a chance that Disney Plus might not work on your device.

AMC Theatres Announce Their Plans To Get Into Video Streaming
Turn the clock back a few years ago, you would be hardpressed to find a streaming service besides Netflix or Hulu. However, these days customers are being spoilt for choice where they are being presented with a ton of options. Amazon has gotten into the game, along with Apple, and next month, Disney will also be launching their own streaming service.

Sony Building Towards A Venom And Spider-Man Confrontation
With Sony pretty much owning the movie rights to Spider-Man and all things Spider-Man related, many did wonder if Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could potentially star in Sony’s Venom movie. After all, both characters have clashed countless times in the comics and once in the movies.


These Are All The Shows That Will Be Available On Disney Plus At Launch
Disney+ will be launching next month and we’re sure that are many are excited for it. After all, a lot of us grew up watching Disney shows as well as the other brands that Disney has under its umbrella, like Marvel and Star Wars. That being said, if you’re skeptical about whether or not to sign up for the service because you’re not sure what to expect, Disney is here […]

Marvel’s TV Shows Could Have Movie-Style Budgets
One of the selling points of the upcoming Disney Plus subscription is that it is expected to play home to quite a few original live-action TV shows based on various Marvel characters. However, if you have been skeptical about their success, especially based on previous and current series, you might not have anything to worry about.

Apple TV Plus Movies Could Be Headed To Cinemas First
With Apple announcing the Apple TV Plus, it seemed like the company has decided to embrace video streaming, which is a new medium where we can consume content. The company is expected to be rather aggressive with its original content where they are said to have spent quite a lot of money on new TV shows and movies.

Sony And Disney Make Up, Spider-Man Is Now Back In The MCU
Last month, it seemed that following a historic deal and a ton of success, Sony and Disney could not come to a new agreement regarding Spider-Man and his involvement in the MCU. This eventually led to Sony essentially getting up from the negotiations table and saying that they were done.

James Gunn Unveils The Cast Of The ‘Suicide Squad’ Reboot
DC’s Suicide Squad movie seemed like it was rather promising when it was released back in 2016, but the reviews proved otherwise. This is why we’re sure that many critics are pretty excited that the movie will be rebooted with James Gunn helming it in the director’s chair.

THX Gives Its Iconic ‘Deep Note’ Movie Theater Trailer A Modern Makeover
If you’ve ever been to the movies, there is a very good chance that you have heard THX’s very iconic “Deep Note” intro. It’s impossible to miss. However, the animation accompanying the audio is rather basic, but then again, we suppose the audio, not the animation, was kind of the whole point.

Sony Shuts The Door On Spider-Man Deal With Marvel…For Now
Late last month, it was revealed that despite the initial success of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, Sony and Disney/Marvel could not come to an agreement regarding the licensing of the Spider-Man franchise. It seems that Disney had demanded a much bigger cut than Sony was willing to give, and as such, Sony decided to walk away from the deal.

Deepfake Video Replaces Keanu Reeves With Will Smith In ‘The Matrix’
Deepfake videos are becoming increasingly popular, and not too long, there was a deepfake video that replaced Robert Downey Jr. with Tom Cruise in Marvel’s Iron Man movies. This is because it was previously rumored that Cruise was apparently in the running to take on the role of Tony Stark before Downey Jr. landed it himself, and now it’s pretty much hard to imagine anyone else in that role.

Convincing Iron Man Deepfake Video Replaces Robert Downey Jr. With Tom Cruise
While many of us would be hard-pressed to imagine anyone else playing the role of Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, did you know that at one point in time, it was reported that Tom Cruise had actually wanted to play that character? Neither Cruise nor Marvel have confirmed if those reports are true, but in case you’re wondering how that will turn out, you’re in […]

Final Trailer For ‘Joker’ Movie Released
As some of you might have heard, Warner Bros. is developing a new Joker movie. This is expected to be separate standalone movie that explores the origins of the character, or at least one of the variations. In April, a trailer for the movie was released and if you wanted to see more, you’re in luck.