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The Suicide Squad Trailer Has Been Released
The first Suicide Squad movie was released to less than favorable reviews, but as some of you have heard, the folks at DC announced that they would be rebooting the franchise with director James Gunn, probably best known for his work on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 and Vol 2.

Black Widow Will Debut On Disney+ With Premier Access
Are you looking forward to Marvel’s next movie, Black Widow? If you are, then you might have heard that the movie will be released in theaters this coming July, but if you’re still a bit worried about the pandemic and would rather watch in the comfort and safety of your own home, then you’re in luck, kind of.

Netflix Can Now Automatically Download Shows It Thinks You Want To Watch
Netflix allows users to download TV shows and movies from its catalogue for offline viewing. They even have a Smart Downloads feature that automatically downloads episodes of a series you’re watching and delete the previous one so that you can keep watching the series if you’re offline.

Mortal Kombat Movie Trailer Promises Action As Violent As The Games
Ever since the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie, there have been several attempts at trying to bring it to the screen again and in other formats besides the games. This included animated series, live-action television series, comic books, novels, and more, although a lot of them seemed to fall short and didn’t last very long.


Trailer For Zack Snyder’s Justice League Has Been Released
The movies we see at home or in the theaters are usually the results of a lot of editing like choosing what scenes get put in to better tell the story. This does beg the question of whether or not if someone else had edited the movie, could it have been made better? That’s what fans are going to find out soon enough with Justice League.

Smaller Streaming Services Could Be Considering A Merger
When it comes to video streaming, it’s hard to beat Netflix which boasts over 200 million subscribers. Disney+ is also catching up at an impressive 95 million subscribers despite being late to the party. However, the problem with these services is that there are too many of them and it would not be realistic to expect people to subscribe to all of them.

Uncharted Movie Has Been Delayed To 2022
Sony has been trying to put out a movie based on the Uncharted video game for quite a while now, but unfortunately the movie has been plagued with various delays as directors have come and gone in rapid succession. The movie, which was originally pegged for 2020, was later delayed to 2021, but now it looks like we have another delay on our hands.

Apple TV+ Claims A Meager 3% Market Share In The US
Apple TV+ was supposed to be Apple’s answer to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and so on. After all, Apple has been fairly successful with Apple Music, where despite still lagging behind the likes of Spotify, they are still growing at an impressive rate. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Apple TV+.

Marvel Confirms Deadpool 3 Will Be An R-Rated Movie
Back in 2019, actor Ryan Reynolds confirmed that Deadpool 3 was in the works, but recent reports have suggested that maybe Marvel might not be as interested in the franchise despite its financial success, but for those who might be concerned that there won’t be a third Deadpool movie, you can rest assured that there will.

HBO Max Kills Off Its Free One-Week Trial Program
To encourage people to sign up for streaming services, companies have been offering would-be customers a free trial. This is to let customers explore the catalogue and decide if maybe there is enough content to warrant them paying a monthly subscription, but unfortunately it seems that the practice is starting to die out.

The First 19 James Bond Movies Are Now Free To Watch On YouTube
If you’re a fan of the James Bond movies, then you might be interested to learn that it appears that YouTube and MGM have partnered up where they are now offering the first 19 James Bond movies ever to be released for free on YouTube. This is only available for US users through YouTube’s “Free to Watch” section.

Could Hulu Eventually Get Folded Into Disney+?
Given that Disney owns Hulu, we always thought it was slightly odd that the company is still running multiple streaming services at the same time, like Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+, for example. Wouldn’t it be better to just consolidate all those services together to make it more appealing for both users and investors?

Hulu’s Watch Party Feature Is Now Available For All On-Demand Subscribers
Due to the pandemic, a lot of us are no longer to hang out with our friends as often as we would like, which means that certain group activities like watching TV shows and movies are off the table, or are they? If you are a Hulu on-demand subscriber, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has since released its watch party tool for all users.

Mortal Kombat 11 DLC Brings Back The Actors From The Original 1995 Movie
The original Mortal Kombat movie from 1995 might not necessarily have aged well over the years, but it is still widely considered to be a classic, and one of the earlier movies to have been adapted from a video game. If you did enjoy the movie back then, then you might be interested in checking out the latest Mortal Kombat 11 DLC.

Deadpool 3 Could Be Written By Bob’s Burgers’ Writers
Many have been wondering about the future of the Deadpool franchise. This is because now that Disney has bought Fox, and with the company known for their family-friendly content, many have expressed some concern that Deadpool might not necessarily fit into Disney’s family-friendly image.

Your Amazon Prime Videos Don’t Actually Belong To You
Aside from being able to stream movies digitally, companies have also allowed users to purchase digital copies of movies, but therein lies an interesting legal question – do these digital downloads mean that you own them? It’s like if you were to buy a physical copy of a movie on DVD or Blu-ray, you would own that particular copy (to a certain extent).

‘No Time To Die’ Could Have Cost Apple Or Netflix $600 Million
It was reported before the weekend that companies like Apple and Netflix were looking to bid for the rights to exclusively stream the upcoming James Bond No Time To Die movie. This is due to the film’s release which has been delayed to 2021, and with there being uncertainty as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on, a release on streaming services might not be such a bad idea.

Apple And Netflix Are Bidding Insane Amounts Of Money For James Bond ‘No Time To Die’
Until a vaccine can be found or a viable cure can be had for the coronavirus, it seems unlikely that a lot of activities will return to normal. One of those activities is going to the cinema, where even if cases are low, people might still be a bit worried or paranoid. As such, movie studios need to figure out a new way to release their shows.

This Engineer Has Created The Most ‘Realistic’ Lightsaber To Date
Ever since the concept of the lightsaber was introduced to the world through Star Wars, many have been trying to recreate it. While some attempts have been successful, the success came mostly through the functionality of the design, where it appeared to have the cutting power of a lightsaber.

Trailer For Monster Hunter Movie Released
Way back in 2016, Capcom confirmed that a live-action Monster Hunter movie is being developed and for those who have been eagerly anticipating the movie, you’ll be pleased to learn that the official trailer for the movie has since been released, giving us a glimpse as to what we might be able to expect.