What is it you like and you don’t like about concepts? Well, we will tell you what we don’t like about concepts – most of the time, they’re so far ahead of the technological curve in this world that it is nigh impossible to realize such an idea at the moment. On the other hand, concepts help free the mind of its current physical limitations, from where perhaps a radical idea might just see birth into the real world when one puts their mind into it.

Colin Pan was ispired by China’s densely populated urban areas, and hence he has decided to design the conceptual vehicle that you see above – targeting those who are young (and we presume, young at heart as well), since it offers the accessibility of an electric bike while making sure you can still fulfill your responsibility as a family leader to bring them around in a comfortable car, making sure they don’t get wet whenever it rains. 

As part of an entry into the Michelin Challenge Design showcase, the MBOLIC as this vehicle is known, is touted to be a “modern modular family car”, where its strength is the ability to separate into 2 gyro-balanced personal vehicles that makes it a snap to maneuvere in city traffic which more often than not, is stuck in a gridlock. Guess there must be some sort of vehicular regulations that require at least one adult to be in each module if this ever comes into the light of day.

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