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Super Mario 3DS is a mix between Galaxy and N64 game

supermario3DSIt’s no secret that the Nintendo 3DS is short on must-have games to play. I’ve already beaten Ridge Racer 3D and I don’t see any games worth my $30.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D isn’t coming out until June and Dead or Alive: Dimensions won’t be here until next month. When is Super Mario 3DS coming out? Gaming god, Shigeru Miyamoto told Edge in a recent interview that the game is on track to come out later this year and will be a combination of the Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy and the Nintendo 64′s Super Mario 64.

There’s also the big giveaway on the Super Mario 3DS logo: the tail. Miyamoto says that it is what gamers think it will be – a strong sign that Super Mario will don the raccoon suit once again.

Nintendo will be showing off Super Mario 3DS at E3 in June. Aside from the expected Wii HD unveil, it appears E3 will be a huge event for the Japanese video game giant.

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