So the Rio 2016 Olympics has come to a close. This means that the next time we can look forward to the games would be in 2020 where it will be held in Tokyo, Japan, something that we’re sure many are looking forward to. Now to promote the 2020 games, it seems that Japan has gone to some pretty great lengths to do so.

One of which involved its Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, who was actually sporting enough to don a Mario costume as part of the promotion. In the video above, it shows a promotional video for the 2020 Olympic Games, in which it showcases some Japanese athletes taking part in various sports, as well as drawing from Japanese pop culture that has had an impact around the world, namely through video games and anime.

There is a part of the video which shows Abe in his car looking at his watch, saying to himself that at this rate, he will be late for the Olympics. He then puts on his Mario cap and runs out where halfway through the Shibuya crossing, he is helped by a popular anime/manga character Doraemon who creates the iconic green pipes in Mario which transports him to Rio.

We suppose this is something you’ll have to watch for yourself in order to truly appreciate, and even if you’re not into sports, the references to various anime and video games should still be pretty entertaining.

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