Toshiba is proud to be the first off the blocks when it comes to rolling out the original Self-Encrypting Drive worldwide, complete with Wipe Technology. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, as Wipe Technology lets you determine a range of security settings, ranging from invalidation of encryption keys and data invalidation when a drive is removed from its housing to being connected to an unauthorized host system. There are five models in total for the 2.5″ MK6461GSYG family, where you can choose from 160GB and it goes all the way to 640GB – where they will see action in copiers, printers, POS systems, PCs and other IT devices. Expect mass production to begin from the end of June onwards, with sampling starting from the end of this month.

To put it plainly, Wipe Technology will invalidate all data before system disposal or re-purporsing, while invalidation of data can also occur when it is powered down. Last but not least, there is an invalidation of data whenever the equipment is connected to an unauthorized system – this is dangerous in the hands of a newbie, but then again this is set to remain within an enterprise environment so you won’t see kids meddling with your stuff and removing your data – by accident. [Press Release]

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