mophie’s latest entry to the iPhone 4 case game would be the juice pack plus, offering enhanced capacity so that your precious smartphone will be able to outlast those of your friends (if they aren’t using any special battery-laced case, of course), while providing you with an extra lifeline of power just in case you need it. Useful if you’re going to mill around the floor of a conference all day long, being away from your comfortable hotel room and charger (as well as a power outlet!). This mophie juice pack plus iPhone 4 rechargeable external battery case is touted to double your battery life, and might even be seen as an essential accessory for any iPhone user by some. To commemorate the launch, a special edition purple juice pack plus case has also been released. 

The mophie juice pack plus will sport a 2,000 mAh battery capacity, making it the largest of any external battery case that ever rolled off mophie’s production line. You get both power and protection in a single accessory, where the dual injected rubber grip offers extra hold, never mind that it measures a mere 1mm thicker compared to mophie’s flagship case, the juice pack air.

There will only be 3,000 of the special edition purple juice pack plus, where a purple band is located around the case’s edge. Additional colors will comprise of black-on-black, and black with cyan, magenta or yellow banding. Interested? The juice pack plus for iPhone 4 can be yours – albeit for a rather expensive $99.95.

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