UPDATE: I apologize for the slightly incorrect report. GigaOm originally reported that Netflix was inaccessible to PSN users during the 26-day outage. It appears most Netflix users were unaffected by it. Any users who were unable to access Netflix during the downtime most likely had an issue with expiring cookies. As Netflix does not run through PSN, Netflix is not obligated to reimburse customers. Again, I apologize for any misunderstanding the original story may have caused.

This is a big punch in the face for PlayStation 3 owners who used their consoles to stream Netflix. According to statement made to the tech gurus over at GigaOm, Netflix is not offering discounts or refunds to PS3 customers were unable to access its library of streaming video during Sony’s PlayStation Network outage (read update above).

This is a stark contrast to how Sony is handling things with its “welcome back” package plan of free downloadable games and in-game item goodies.

GigaOm notes that because Netflix doesn’t have control over the PS3 platform, its not required to reimburse customers for any hacks or blockage to access – that’s Sony’s problem. So it looks like anybody who lost access to Netflix for 26 days is out of luck.

We’re sure some folks will get lucky if they call up Netflix and complain about it enough (I’ve had some good customer service with canceling Netflix even a few weeks after my trial), so getting what you want will depend greatly on luck and a nice representative.

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