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Netflix not reimbursing affected PS3 customers for PSN downtime (Updated!)
UPDATE: I apologize for the slightly incorrect report. GigaOm originally reported that Netflix was inaccessible to PSN users during the 26-day outage. It appears most Netflix users were unaffected by it. Any users who were unable to access Netflix during the downtime most likely had an issue with expiring cookies. As Netflix does not run through PSN, Netflix is not obligated to reimburse customers. Again, I apologize for any misunderstanding […]

Two weeks later, PlayStation Network is still down
We really don’t need to repeat it again, but for those who don’t know: PlayStation Network is still down. Some two weeks later and gamers around the world still see the error code you see in the photo above when firing up the PSN. It was believed service would be restored today for PSN, but after an attack on Sony Online Entertainment, it’s uncertain when PSN will actually return. These attacks […]

Sony uncertain if credit cards were compromised in PSN hack
Things are getting really ugly now for Sony’s PlayStation Network. Despite issuing statements telling gamers that it is working around the clock to bring the online service back online as well as to re-secure it to prevent hackers from breaking in again, Sony says it’s not sure if credit card and any other personal information have been compromised at this time. Sony spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka for Sony Computer Entertainment in […]

Sony "re-building" PlayStation Network for added security
As we enter the fourth day of Sony’s downtime with the PlayStation Network caused by an “external intrusion,” Sony issued an apology saying that it’s not only trying to bring the online service back up as soon as possible, but it’s also “rebuilding [PSN] to further strengthen [PlayStation’s] infrastructure network.”Here’s the official statement from the official PlayStation blog: We sincerely regret that PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been suspended, […]


Microsoft pretends to feel bad for Sony's PSN downtime, laughs in secret
In light of Sony’s ongoing PlayStation Network issues, including the confirmation that it was shut down because of an external intrusion, Microsoft’s come out to chuckle at Sony.According to a Microsoft representative:“Of course it’s regretful that Sony is encountering issues at such a busy time, and Microsoft takes no joy in the problems gamers are having playing their favourite games online.”The rep goes on to say that Microsoft expects Xbox […]

PlayStation Network down due to external intruders
PSN Down - the PlayStation Network has been down since Wednesday, and according to the latest reports it doesn't look like it will be...