If you’re an iPad or tablet user in general, you’ve probably come across a couple of stands or docks, and there are probably not many of those you would see the point in bringing along with you on a trip, but perhaps IPEVO’s Cushi iPad stand may change your mind. As you can see in the photo above, the IPEVO Cushi stand looks more like a pillow, rather than a stand, which allows you to place your iPad or tablet at an angle while also providing an area for you to rest your hands, head or even a wireless Apple keyboard.

The stand is made out of soft foam and is covered with cotton denim, whose colors the creators have referred to as “Steve’s Blue Jeans”. We’re guessing it’s most likely a reference to Steve Job’s jeans, which you can see him wearing during his appearances . Not a lot of flexibility going on with this stand, so you can only prop your tablet at one angle, and either in horizontal or vertical position, but we’re liking how comfortable it actually looks. So perhaps when you’re done using your iPad or tablet and you decide that you want to grab a quick nap, take the tablet off the stand and rest your head on it.

Ta-dah! You’ve got yourself a pillow.

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