Meet the Kingfisher portable washing machine designed by Robert Forrester. It’s a pretty good concept and design and ideally you could bring it with you the next time you go camping and never worry about not having clean clothes to wear because it’s portable and is manually operated but that’s probably not what Robert Forrester had in mind when he designed the machine.It was designed with urban Bangladesh in mind because apparently local residents will have to go to a canal or river to source their water which can sometimes prove to be dirty of filled with harmful chemicals. Thanks to the built in water filtered that uses a powerful ceramic filter which eliminates all sediments and bacteria present in water and also the activated carbon that further eradicates presence of any chemicals.

To fill the machine all the user will have to do is place the hose into the water and use the pump to get the water into the barrel and a handle is present which is used to rotate the drum that causes necessary agitation to remove dirt from garments. After washing their clothes the water is shifted to the base through a grill and is further filtered and collected through an outlet, and surprisingly the water is supposed to clean enough to be used for cooking and bathing. Talk about going green!

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