lg-washing-machineSo, we did talk about how LG rolled out the latest version of their vacuum cleaner that could respond to the clarion call of your voice – which is going to be more than a novelty, and it would also work great for those who love living in futuristic conditions. Well, the next time you want to consider picking up a washing machine, perhaps it would bode you well to fork out money for a new washing machine from LG that get this – does not use water at all in its operation.


A washing machine that uses no water? What kind of sorcery is this? Senior Vice President for LG Electronics Home Appliance Division, Kevin Cha, did not want to share anything more about this particular washing machine, on whether it will be completely waterless or virtually waterless, but we do know that it is on its way to the market, never mind that right now, it remains in the early stages of development and will be a trade secret – hopefully not for long, though.

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