If you want to get your laundry done, most of us would go to a nearby laundrette, throw some quarters in and pick up a good book to read while our clothes go a-tumblin’ all over the place, getting cleaned inside out. Of course, you can always purchase a washing machine to call your own, but if you are of the more enterprising kind like this particular DIY enthusiast, he decided to rig his washing machine’s 300W motor to a bicycle’s frame and stuff a couple of 12Ah batteries into a sidebag that is located off the back tire.

Amazingly enough, the job gets done – where it will spin at a maximum of 3000rpms while boasting an ejector button which is actually an on/off switch that is located to the right hand brake. No idea on how long this machine is going to last though, as purchasing a brand new washing machine might be more reliable in the long run. Check out a video of it in action after the jump.

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