It seems that there will be a huge announcement by Nikon coming your way this August, where it will cater for the new Nikon D4 and D400 DSLR cameras. There might even be a Nikon D700 replacement which will be announced – although many suspect that will happen at later date, so much so that 2012 has been thrown into the ring. Nikon enthusiasts might not be too thrilled to hear this, although it does make sense considering historical records that showed the Nikon D3 was announced alongside the D300 back in August 2007. Being an extremely methodical company, if the D3 and D300 pro level DSLRs are riding on a 4-year life cycle, the D700 ought to see a replacement sometime next year since it was announced in the same year as the Beijing Summer Olympics were held – 2008.

Nikon also has the tendency to announce higher end models before using similar technology in lower end versions, so it also makes sense for the Nikon D700 replacement to come out with a better technology after the D4. If new Nikon DSLRs are coming out next year, don’t you think that it is high time you started to save money for them?

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