How many of you still flaunt road rules, especially when it comes to using hands-free kits when you’re driving? You know you aren’t supposed to attend to that phone call, but since traffic is moving so slow, it doesn’t hurt to check out what John has to say to you, right? Why not do so in style and safety by getting the SuperTooth HD Bluetooth speakerphone instead? This device will remain clipped onto your car’s sun visor, making sure you can keep both hands on the wheel, and two eyes on the road while still getting your conversational kicks. What makes the SuperTooth HD Bluetooth speakerphone so special is its ability to basically communicate with even social networks using nothing but your voice alone – although those from non-native English speaking countries might find it rather challenging at first, somewhat like how the speech recognition algorithm in Nintendo’s Brain Game failed to work with certain words (especially naming the colors bit).


Dual microphones ensure that voices are picked up more clearly than ever before, while anti-echo and DSP control for noise cancellation lets you carry out crystal clear conversations. There is also the option for advanced voice commands that lets you answer incoming calls, select pre-dialed phone numbers, check battery level and retrieve voicemail. With Dial2Do, you can compose and send Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and SMS messages via voice – bear in mind that these texts will be posted as audio files for your recipients can listen to. Too bad Dial2Do is free for a mere half year, whereby you will then need to fork out $3.99 monthly after that.

The SuperTooth HD can reside in your vehicle for a mere $129 – surely this is a small investment compared to all those tickets you will receive for talking on the phone while driving? [Press Release]

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