Folks living in the Land of the Rising Sun will be able to get their hands on the Toyota G-Station plug-in vehicle charging systems later this July so that you can quench the thirst of your electric vehicle in the comfort of your own home in a more convenient way than ever before. The G-Station chargers will boast a contact-less smart-card recognition setup which can hook up over the Internet with the Toyota Smart Center, where it will run on the Windows Azure platform which is essentially a cloud computing system that enables Toyota owners to access their telematics services worldwide.

The Type A and Type B G-Stations will play nice with the vast majority of plug-in vehicles, where the former will retail for around $3,469 after conversion, while the Type B (advanced) charger will be more expensive at $5,549. Toyota says that the Type A G-Station is touted to be the industry’s most affordable charger with telecommunications capabilities to date.

Toyota also wants to expand sales of these units to include other locations including shopping malls and restaurants, with a sales target of around 3,000 G-Station units before 2012 is over.

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