Facebook is certainly not going to take the upcoming Google+ social network for granted, relying on its 750 million (and growing) user base alone to pull it through difficult times. No sir, the social network giant has an arsenal of its own to remain ahead of the competition, and we have already seen them fire a salvo in the Facebook Skype team up earlier this week that was deemed as “awesome“. Well, it seems that digging deeper into the situation has uncovered something else more interesting – the Skype install code points toward a music application known as Vibes.

Could this have been done on purpose, since Google did leak (on purpose) some Google+ related code in the past, and Facebook might be running the same campaign? Perhaps, we won’t really know unless we’re in Zuckerberg’s inner circle, but with Vibes, it will be a new music service that is expected to connect to a music download dialog in whatever page you’re viewing at the moment. Does this piece of news have you stoked on what Facebook offers down the road?

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