Netflix and Facebook integration is a pipe dreamForget about Netflix and Facebook ever getting integrated – not in the US anyways, as the Video Privacy Protection Act that came to pass in 1988 prevents the disclosure of people’s video rental information, and companies who are daring and bold enough to flout the law can be subject to a fine of $2,500 – for each infraction, of course.

This bit of news seems to be a wet blanket after Netflix announced yesterday that they intend to integrate their services with Facebook, letting subscribers share what they are currently watching via the streaming service, over the social network, of course. This integration will still happen for those living in Latin America and Canada, but too bad Stateside folks are going to miss out on it.

Well, we don’t suppose the world would stop even if Netflix does not integrate with Facebook – after all, that isn’t the only way to get your entertainment fix, and if you want to share what you’re watching over Netflix over on your Facebook account, just take a minute (or less) to leave a remark on your wall. The world does not need to get that integrated, or do you think otherwise?

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