Notebook maker Pegatron Technology, hailing from Taiwan, has been said to have received 15 million iPhone 5 orders from Apple, where these new handsets will be shipping sometime in September 2011 onwards. That’s the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and to roll out a new smartphone in the same month will definitely make it a whole lot easier to remember instead of spending tons of money for marketing to remind folks to check their calendars. Then again, we’re sure if Apple announces a new iPhone on an obscure date, it would be remembered easily.

The iPhone 5 does not seem to be a significant jump from the iPhone 4 according to insider sources. That’s to be expected, since evolution in hardware tends to taper off after a while. The earlier evolutionary jumps in previous generations are bigger and makes the new iPhone a whole lot more desirable, but going down the generations, it does seem as though there is less impetus to make the upgrade. What do you think? Will you be one of those who line up for a new iPhone 5 come September this year?

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Apple iPhone 5
1136x640 IPS LCD
Price (approximative)
~$215 - Amazon
8 MP
Image Stabilization
112 g
1440 mAh
Launched in
A6 + None
Storage (GB)
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