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Pegatron Looks Into BBC’s Report On Mistreatment Of Workers
Pegatron Technology did issue a statement to the Taiwan Stock Exchange that the company has every intention to look into claims that made its way into a BBC report last week, citing how its employees are being mistreated. Apart from that, Pegatron has also mentioned that their top priority happens to be employee safety, and it is currently working to make sure that every single one of its workers are […]

Pegatron Receives Half Of 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 2014 Orders (Rumor)
Just like how one is unable to keep a good rumor down for long, here we are with word that Apple has awarded Pegatron with a “bumper harvest”, so to speak, of 50% of their upcoming 4.7” iPhone 6 orders for the coming year. Just how many devices could that be? Because that amounts up to a possible 50 million devices that will ship later this fall and winter, and […]

Pegatron Details Use Of Facial Recognition Technology Amid Claims Of Labor Violations
Apple’s suppliers based in China have time and again been accused of labor violations. Cupertino has a strict Supplier Code of Conduct that its partners are expected to adhere to, earlier this year it ended its arrangement with a supplier after it was found to have employed 74 underage laborers. Recently Pegatron, Apple’s major manufacturer for the iPhone 5c, was the recipient of much criticism as it was revealed that an […]

Apple's Medical Experts Find Worker Death Wasn't Due To Working Conditions
Apple’s iPhone 5C supplier, Pegatron, recently became the target of activist group China Labor Watch due to the death of one of its 15-year-old workers due to pneumonia, leading them to think the working conditions within the plant are unsafe. It looks like the activist group may have jumped the gun a bit as Apple’s medical experts have come out to say the teenage worker’s death had nothing to do […]


Activists Target iPhone 5C Supplier Pegatron After 15-Year-Old Worker's Death
The iPhone 5C is expected to have weak sales in Q4 2013 according to TrendForce and we’ve already seen one of Apple’s suppliers for the phone, Pegatron, cut back to producing 80,000 units per day. It looks like things aren’t going too well at Pegatron these days as it’s being reported a teenager died recently.

Apple Sends Team Of Experts At Factory Accused Of Labor Violations
A New York based non-profit released a report today accusing one of Apple’s suppliers in China of mistreating workers. The same non-profit, China Labor Watch, also accused Pegatron of worker abuse a couple of months back. Apple has now released a statement regarding the matter. The company says that it has already sent a team of experts to the facility which will look into the claims regarding workers being mistreated. The […]

iPhone 5C Casing Manufacturer Allegedly Mistreating Workers In China
Yet another manufacturer contributing to Apple’s supply chain has been accused to labor violations. Back in July one of Apple’s biggest suppliers, Pegatron, was accused of worker abuse in China. A non-profit based in New York has made these allegations, its called China Labor Watch. The allegations against Pegatron were also made by this non-profit. China Labor Watch claims that the Jabil Green Point factory in Wuxi, China, is committing various […]

Pegatron Apparently Set To Receive Orders For The iMac
The latest report coming in from infamous Taiwanese publication Digitimes claims that Apple might be placing orders for iMac production with Pegatron. The company is said to be shifting some of its iMac production business from Quanta Computer, which produces most of the iMac units for Apple. Upstream supply chain players have been cited as saying that Apple has sent iMac components to Pegatron recently, however both Pegatron and Quanta […]

iPhone 5S Mass Production Ramps Up As Foxconn Looks To Hire 90,000 Workers
Not a day goes by when we don’t hear rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhones. Right now it is believed that September would bring not one, but two different iPhone models. Foxconn, one of the biggest manufacturers working for Apple, is reportedly looking to hire 90,000 new workers as Apple is set to ramp up mass production of its next generation iPhone. What about the other iPhone, the much rumored iPhone […]

iPhone Lite Initial Production Underway At Pegatron, Labor Report Indicates
Earlier today we reported that one of Apple’s suppliers based in China, Pegatron, has been accused of worker abuse. The allegations were leveled by China Labor Watch, a New York based non-profit. Its report indicates that the initial production of iPhone Lite, also known as the low cost iPhone, has already begun at Pegatron. The report has a section titled “A day in Pegatron,” in which a worker describers their activities […]

Apple Supplier Accused Of Worker Abuse In China
This isn’t the first time a worker abuse accusation have been leveled against an Apple supplier based in China. Foxconn has previously been in the spotlight after a string of worker suicides, allegedly because of poor living and harsh working conditions. Pegatron, another one of Apple’s suppliers in China, has been accused of worker abuse this time around. China Labor Watch, a non-profit based in New York, is behind these allegations […]

Low-Budget iPhone Could Be Assembled By Pegatron Instead Of Foxconn
Apple's rumored low-budget iPhone could be assembled by Pegatron instead of Foxconn, at least that's what the reports are saying.

Low Cost iPhone Speculation Fires Up As Pegatron Goes On Hiring Spree
Time and again we have heard rumors that Apple is working on a low cost iPhone. According to recent analyst reports, the company’s next two iPhones will go in to production from next month and are likely to be released in September. One of them is supposed to be the low cost iPhone, and speculation about it has fired up even more as Pegatron goes on a hiring spree to […]

Pegatron Forecasts Revenue Dip As iPad Mini Demand Drops
Apple provides Pegatron quite a lot of business. The latter is tasked with manufacturing components that are part of iPhone 4S and the iPad mini. It is also rumored to be manufacturing components for the next generation iPhone. Foxconn, Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner, has recently been shifting its strategy so as to end its reliance on Apple’s business. Foxconn is now looking sell products that it creates, designs and manufacturers […]