Round one seems to be over as Samsung is reported to have dropped one of its patent-infringement lawsuits against Apple, but there will be other rounds to go since Samsung has taken this time to regroup and focus on its defense – at least this is what Bloomberg claims. Samsung spokesman Nam Ki Yung did speak to Bloomberg, where the South Korean consumer electronics giant dropped the suit at the end of June in order “to streamline the legal proceedings.” They will not, however, give up on their patent defences in a different counter-claim in a suit that was filed by Apple at the same US federal court in San Jose, California.

Guess there should no longer be any more disputes concerning Apple copying Samsung’s range of Galaxy smartphones and tablets when creating the iPhone and iPad, respectively. As for Apple, they claim that they were the victim, and Samsung the perpetrator instead. Playground theatrics by adults? You decide. 

The fight has expanded across borders, where litigation proceedings have already taken place in at least five other countries – among them include South Korea, Japan, German and the UK. It does sound as though this is going to be one long, drawn out fight. What do you think?

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