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Apple Scores Complete Win In iMessage Lawsuit
A lawsuit was filed against Apple by plaintiffs Adam Backhaut, Bouakhay Joy Backhaut and Kenneth Morris who claimed that iMessage was rigged not to deliver messages to Android smartphones. They had switched from an iPhone to Android smartphones in 2012, they alleged that Apple was violating the Federal Wire Tap Act, which Apple denied. The long-standing lawsuit has finally been thrown out today with Apple scoring a complete win.

Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit For Misrepresenting iPhone Storage
Apple’s legal team has a new case on its hands. The company has been accused of misrepresenting available storage in an iPhone running iOS 8 which has resulted in a class-action lawsuit. It was filed in a California court yesterday for plaintiffs Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara. The allegation is that Apple doesn’t correctly disclose the amount of usable storage that users have left once the device is on iOS 8.

Apple Injunction Against Samsung Devices In 2nd California Patent Trial Denied By Judge
Samsung and Apple still have a fair number of court cases to work it out between them, but in the second California patent trial, the judge had denied Apple’s injunction against Samsung’s devices. U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh handed down this particular order, which meant that Apple’s motion to put into motion a sales ban against Samsung products is thrown out of the window.

Apple VS Samsung Set To Make Headlines Once Again
The first Apple VS Samsung trial received a lot of publicity. It revolved around patent infringement and the jury did find that Samsung had infringed on several Apple patents. The Korean juggernaut was ordered to pay nearly $1 billion in damages to Apple. Both companies will now face each other once again in the same San Jose courtroom where the first trial took place. This trial revolves around a newer […]


DSS Sues Apple For Patent Infringement
Apple has more often than not been the party that brings someone else to court, but this time around, they are on the receiving end of a lawsuit after being sued by patent company DSS Technology Management. The reason for this lawsuit? DSS claims that Apple has allegedly infringed a couple of patents of theirs that have something to do with using wireless peripheral devices. Oh yeah, just so that […]

Man Sues Apple For His Porn Addiction
A Tennessee lawyer has sued Apple for his porn addiction, which lead to the fall of his marriage. He says Apple should implement an antiporn filter in their devices.

Boston University Sues Apple For 1997 Patent Infringement
Boston University sues Apple for an alleged 1997 patent infringement.

DISH Network Issues Statement On Sprint Lawsuit
DISH Networks issues a statement on recent Sprint lawsuit.

Apple Pays Damages For Warranty Claims Denied Due To Faulty Water Damage Indicators
Apple has accepted to pay $53 million in damages to those iPhone and iPod owners that were denied warranty claims due to faulty water damage indicators.

Apple Hit With New Class Action Lawsuit On Allegedly Faulty iPhone 4 Power Button
Big companies such as Apple often have big legal problems, that is why they have big lawyers and legal experts on their payroll. A new class action lawsuit has been brought against Apple by a woman based in Florida called Debra Hilton, who claims that Apple continued to sell the iPhone 4 despite knowing that there was a flaw with the iPhone 4’s power button which caused it to fail […]

German Court Invalidates Samsung 3G Patent
Unless you have been a hermit for the last few years, surely you would know by now that Samsung and Apple are not the best of corporate friends, as they have brought each other to court numerous times in the past year alone across different continents due to patent disputes and lawsuits. It seems that the latest round of victory goes to the Cupertino firm, as a Federal Patent Court […]

Apple EarPods Hit With Lawsuit From Hearing Aid Maker
When Apple announced the iPhone 5, it also announced it would be offering a new headset with it as well as future iOS products which it deemed the EarPods. Unfortunately, it looks as though a hearing aid company seems to have an issue with Apple’s latest headset.Randolph Divisions has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in Hawaii that alleges Apple’s EarPods infringe on their “HearPod” trademark and product. The company has held […]

Nintendo Lost 3D Display Patent Infringement Lawsuit
Seijiro Tomita was awarded USD30.2 million in compensatory damages by a federal jury in New York in a patent infringement lawsuit against Nintendo Co. This is in relation to a technology patent that he developed for providing 3-D images without using 3-D glasses. Tomita’s attorney, Joe Diamante, told the jury that the technology developed by Tomita, a longtime ex-employee of Sony Corp, was used by Nintendo in its 3DS.However, defense […]

Facebook Sued Over Dead Man's Patent
Lawsuits happen all the time, especially where giant names and tons of money are involved. But this lawsuit is rather unusual: Facebook has been sued because it is accused of infringing on the patents of a Dutch programmer Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer with its “Like” button.  Joannes Jozef has been dead for more than 8 years and the company that owns his intellectual property is behind the lawsuit.So […]