Simmtronics introduces solar powered desktop computer

When it comes to solar powered computers, having a solar powered laptop like the Samsung NC215S makes sense, due to its portability it can be easily be taken outdoors and be recharged or powered in the sun. Well it looks like Simmtronics Semiconductors has plans for a solar powered computer, except this time they’re looking to make it a solar powered desktop computer.

Judging by the picture above, it looks like it would require solar panels to be installed outside of the house, which is then attached to the power supply, which is then used to power the desktop computer. The aim of this solar powered desktop computer is to not only reduce our carbon footprint, but also aimed at countries where there are frequent power shortages in the summer, and also countries where there are rural villages with erratic to nil power supply.

Apart from Simmtronics boasting that their computer will be able to last 3-4 days without sunlight, unfortunately not much is known about what specs will be featured in the solar powered computer, although we’re guessing it should be rather basic and low powered, to further reduce the power consumption. It will be priced at Rs. 29,999 (about $675).

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