WhatsApp Payments Setup Screenshots Have Surfaced

It was reported not too long ago that WhatsApp could offer digital payments functionality to users in India as early as February. The Facebook-owned service is said to be working on integrating India’s Unified Payment Interface. New screenshots have surfaced online which partly reveal what the WhatsApp Payments setup process is going to look like.

Visitors With e-Visas In India Will Get Activated SIM Cards

Keeping in touch with loved ones while you travel is always a good idea so that they know where you are and how to reach you. However sometimes getting a local SIM isn’t quite as easy, and roaming can get really expensive. However the good news is that if you’re traveling to India, you can expect to get your hands on an activated SIM.

$4 Freedom 251 Smartphone Has Raised Many Questions

Yesterday we reported on the launch of the Freedom 251 smartphone in India, a phone that did not blow us away with its specs, but rather its price in which its company, Ringing Bells, was selling the phone at a mere $4. Now the question is, how on earth could they get the phone so cheap?

The Freedom 251 Is A Smartphone Priced At $4

Yesterday we reported that an Indian company by the name of Ringing Bells would be launching a new smartphone today that would be priced at $7. Turns out we were wrong. Instead, it looks like the company has launched a smartphone that costs $4, or about Rs. 251 which is roughly $4 after conversion.


Indian Smartphone Company To Launch A $7 Handset

There are many parts of the world where handsets like the iPhone are considered way, way out of reach for the masses. So while companies like Apple might not necessarily thrive in such markets, there are plenty of brands focused on affordability that might. In fact recently it was announced that one Indian smartphone brand will be launching a device that is priced at $7.

Apple Works With Croma For Official Retail Presence In India

Like I mentioned earlier on, India will come under scrutiny today, as folks living the world’s largest democracy will eventually be able to check out just what the Apple Store experience is like after all this while. What took them so long, right? Anyway, the adage of better late than never holds true here, where consumers there will soon be able to enjoy the Apple Store experience as local electronics […]

India Unveils The World’s First 100% Solar-Powered Airport

Due to certain natural resources being finite, like fossil fuels, it makes sense to turn to sources of energy that can be renewed and sustained, such as harnessing the power of the sun for solar energy. We’ve seen many companies turn to solar energy, and recently even Google has launched an initiative called Project Sunroof to try and get homeowners to install solar panels. That being said, over in India […]

Sony To Come Up With A Manufacturing Facility In India

Sony is planning to open a manufacturing facility in India soon. As per Sony’s India Managing Director, Kenichiro Hibi, the company is giving a “serious thought” to start a facility in India.

Microsoft Is India’s 3rd Largest Smartphone Vendor

India, the second most populous country in the world, does have a market that is worth checking out regardless of the item that goes on sale, although it would be nice if the average person would have a higher earning power instead of having it skewed all the way to one side. Having said that, India still has plenty of room for growth where the smartphone market is concerned, with […]

Burger King India Lets You Order Burgers Via eBay

Services such as eBay can be used to find and buy all sorts of things online. You can find second hand gadgets, clothes, jewelry, car parts, and so on, but would you use eBay to buy a burger? Yes, you read that right, because it seems that over in India, Burger King is looking to start selling their burgers online. While ordering food online is nothing new, ordering via an […]

Second Wave Of Android One Phones Arriving ‘Soon’

Google’s first batch of Android One-powered handsets were announced over in India some time in the middle of this month, where there are three particular models which one is able to choose from – the Karbonn Sparkle V, Spice Android One Dream UNO Mi-498, and Micromax Canvas A1. Not much of a choice if you are looking for something that is futuristic and will be able to please the crowd […]

Rdio Breaks Into Indian Market With Local Acquisition

When it come to music streaming services, these services tend to be typically available in regions like the US and Europe. This isn’t because the companies providing the service don’t want to expand, but sometimes it might be due to copyright issues and getting local record labels and publishers to come on board. Well it looks like Rdio is making some inroads when it comes to expanding their music offerings […]

Apple Reportedly Planning On Opening Neighborhood Retail Stores In India

With the iPhone 5c, it was Apple’s attempt at releasing a more affordable iPhone handset. It wasn’t exactly that much cheaper, meaning that customers who wanted an iPhone would much rather pay a little more to get the latest hardware, rather than slightly less for older technology, which might explain why the phone is a flop. However it seems that despite the apparent failure of the iPhone 5c, Apple still […]

Apple’s Ex-CEO John Sculley To Launch Smartphone Brand In India

For anyone who has done their research on Apple and studied their history, you might recall John Sculley as being the company’s former CEO. In fact he was the one that Steve Jobs personally invited to join the company which eventually led to him playing a role in Steve Jobs’ unceremonious removal from the company he helped build. However that is a story for another time, but it looks like […]