During CES 2011, Sony made a big deal about 3D by asking attendees to put on the medium’s polarized glasses throughout their presentation. They even revealed a headset which greatly resembled the headgear that the X-Men character Cyclops wore, which they referred to as nascent virtual reality technology.


Now instead of just limiting the headgear to playing 3D games and watching 3D movies, Sony has bigger plans for it by integrating the 3D headset in virtual reality type of games. No word on what sort of games will go with the headgear, but some are thinking that certain high-profile Sony Computer Entertainment studios could be potential candidates responsible for developing the games. These game studios include MotorStorm creator Evolution Studios, WipeOut developer Studio Liverpool, and Sony London Studio, which handles the games SingStar and EyePet.

The device is said to sport twin 720p OLED displays, one for each eye, together with 5.1 surround sound. According to Sony Europe group studio manager Mick Hocking, the device still lacks head tracking capabilities, although he claims that it is still being worked on by their R&D department. No word on how much it could potentially cost or when we might be seeing it, but it all sound pretty interesting.

While interest in 3D movies have been said to reach its plateau, and with sales of the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console looking up to be pretty good, it appears that they have not been good enough to silence the skeptics. Perhaps Sony will be able to change all of that if they manage to push out this new headgear in the near future.

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