Is Microsoft working on merging two of their famous names in the future? Perhaps, if what you are about to read is true. It seems that Microsoft is working hard to integrate Xbox LIVE support right into the next generation operating system known as Windows 8, which might translate to support for Xbox 360 games on the PC platform. According to Mike Delman, Microsoft’s vice president of global marketing in the interactive entertainment business unit, he did mention something according to that vein in a recent interview, and it has been substantiated with references to the Xbox 360 spotted in the Windows 8 kernel, stating “XBOX_360_SYSTEM_CRASH” and “XBOX_360_SYSTEM_CRASH_RESERVED” in ntoskrnl.exe. While those strings are not 100% proof that Microsoft is planning support for Xbox 360 games on the PC, it definitely translates to a much closer integration than ever before. Which means only one thing – when Windows 8 is released, the Xbox 360 will still be around, so there is no need to worry about a next generation Xbox just yet.

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