Fans of Crytek’s Timesplitters series have been waiting for a good 6 years for a possible sequel to the third installment of the Timesplitters series, Future Perfect. Granted 6 years probably isn’t as long as the 12 years that fans of Starcraft had to wait for Starcraft II, but either way it seems that the rumors are now saying that Timesplitters 4 not only exists, but is scheduled to be announced soon.


The rumor came from the Official PlayStation Magazine UK who stated in their “Rumor Machine” section, “Gun-wielding monkeys are finally making a comeback! A fourth Timesplitters title is to be announced soon.”

While the game had never actually been denied by Crytek, it was common knowledge that the game developers were attempting to gauge publisher interest in the game before proceeding. We guess with this new rumor that perhaps Crytek had found a publisher who gave them the green light to proceed with the game.

No specific date was mentioned as to when the game would be announced but if the rumors of “soon” are to be believed, I guess we will not have to wait long. Until then, fans of the Timesplitters series, what do you think? Are you guys excited at a possible fourth installment?

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