Right now it seems that there are a lot of emphases placed on teaching kids how to code. These are obviously skills that will be required in the future as more gadgets are becoming connected these days. However, it also seems that the folks at Crytek think that virtual reality is just as important, and want to start putting VR dev labs in schools.

Dubbed VR First, this has been described by Crytek as, “The program encourages academic institutions around the world to establish dedicated VR labs on their campuses. Crytek is providing full source code access to CRYENGINE development software for free while hardware partners will equip the labs with VR headsets and machines.”

They also add, “VR First locations will become key centers for nurturing new talent in VR development and creating a global community equipped to embrace this exciting field of technology.” To date, Crytek has launched one VR First Lab and that is in the Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul, but they are hoping that more locations will popup in the future.

This seems to echo what Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said previously, where instead of companies competing against each other’s virtual reality products, they should be working together to spread VR awareness, and we reckon Crytek’s VR First Labs are a step in the right direction.

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