crysisSeveral years ago, we reported that Crytek decided to license out their game engine CryEngine at a subscription fee of $10 a month. The affordable subscription meant that developers who are interested in creating games but don’t have the money of bigger studios will still have access to reputable engines.

That being said if you thought a monthly subscription of $10 a month was still too expensive for your liking, the folks at Crytek have decided that they will be making the engine free, or to be more specific, they have adopted a “pay what you want” model, meaning that if you’re so inclined you could donate whatever you want to the company, or just use it for free if you’d rather not.

This move actually makes sense given that last month, Amazon launched their own gaming engine called Lumberyard and gave it away for free too. Other popular gaming engines such as Unity and Unreal have also gone free, meaning that Crytek’s CryEngine V is pretty much one of the few remaining engines that still charge a fee.

According to Crytek, “The latest evolution of CRYENGINE also introduces CRYENGINE Marketplace. The Marketplace will enable developers to access individual assets from Crytek’s own library, as well as thousands of materials, sounds, and 3D objects created by the CRYENGINE community and other trusted vendors.” Developers who are interested in checking out the engine can hit up Crytek’s website for the details.

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