While we understand the need for styluses back in the day due to touch screens not having multitouch capabilities, using a stylus on an iPad seems a little silly given the multitouch gestures available for the device. However we have to admit that styluses offer up better precision which can be handy when editing pictures and photographs. Accessory make Essential TPE is offering just such a stylus along with snap-on back cover for the iPad 2, so if you’re in the market for a stylus for your iPad 2 or a back cover, or both, read on.

The stylus is called the Glatt and it is magnetic and also features a rubber nib, which can be used for handwriting or drawing. It has been designed to not only work with Apple’s Smart Cover, but is said to provide the same “sleep” function even if you do not own a Smart Cover, thanks to its magnetic body which can be attached to the body of your iPad 2.

The back cover, which the company is calling the Iro case snapsnap is a cover designed to protect the back of your iPad 2 and is said to be able to work with the Smart Cover even when the latter has been rolled up into a stand. The company claims that the Iro case snapsnap even features an additional layer of UV coating which will further minimize scratches.

Unfortunately pricing and availability of the Glatt or the Iro case snapsnap has been announced, although it seems that you will be able to order it from Ipevo when it has been made available.

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